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SD item "lost" at Birmingham MC?

06 Apr 2020, 02:21

Hello all,

Firstly I hope everyone in the postal service stay well in these troubling times. And thank you for contributing to this resource.

I am wanting to find out if there is any issue at the Birmingham MC? I sent an item on the 23rd March with SD 1300 service. It arrived at the Birmingham MC at 0450 on the 24th and there has been no further update since then. I raised a complaint for the lost item last Monday and was advised I would get an update by end of the week and I have heard nothing. I submitted an online lost item claim on the Tuesday and have also heard nothing when it states I would recieve a response within 3 days.

Appreciate there may be staff sickness and self isolating etc so if there was a delay I am ok as long as I get updated. It was a high value mobile phone sold through ebay and I am worried that if I refund the seller the item will get delivered and I will be out of pocket.

Thanks all. R

SD item "lost" at Birmingham MC?

06 Apr 2020, 21:08

Without the tracking number, we can`t help much...

SD item "lost" at Birmingham MC?

06 Apr 2020, 23:41

Sorry didn't know if that was data not to be posted publicly but happy for you to take a look if it might help!



SD item "lost" at Birmingham MC?

07 Apr 2020, 08:51

That tracking has all the hallmarks of being lost.

I would advise claiming as you have done, and refunding the buyer. However, I would also contact customer services again and see if can speak to the Security Desk, there is a chance, hopefully slim, that someone has knicked it. I hope it hasn't been knicked but it is very unusual for Special Delivery Items to go missing between the mail centre and the Delivery office.

SD item "lost" at Birmingham MC?

07 Apr 2020, 10:05

Thanks, I'm going to see if I can get the IMEI barred as well as I have a note of it.

Just would have been nice to have some notification back from the complaint and claim raised.

Ive never had a SD iem go missing... Ever... But sadly it does appear someone has got sticky fingers :(

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