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I got mail for few neighbors, but TWICE IN ONE WEEK, why??

05 Apr 2020, 01:52

Ive lived at the same address for ovr 20 years and its a normal residential street, all one side with even numbers, street names are clearly marked etc. Never had any problems with receiving mail.

However, several days ago I had a dozen letters posted through my letterbox and only one was actually addressed to my house. The others were all for neighbors. My house number is No 30 and the mail were for Nos 26, 28, 32 and 34 which are all semis and detached houses,

Strange thing is, it also happened today and I had mail for 3 of the same neighbors. These were not junk mail, they were all fully named, all clearly addressed, and they looked like bills or legit letters.

In the past decade, I received just one letter that belonged to the house next door which to me was a genuine mistake.

But why have I had mail for 4 neighbors, TWICE IN ONE WEEK???

Could it be a lazy postman, or a lazy newbie, or a lazy temp? I cant see this as a genuine mistake, it was obviously intentional now that it happened twice.
Or is the postman reducing the number of houses he comes into contact with to protect himself from any infections and its all part of RM's contingency corona virus plans?

I dont like the thought that my mail could be sent to my neighbors and that RM are expecting us to finish off posting mail to the correct houses for the postmen. I only knew my neighbors to say hello to, I didnt even know their names until now which I also now know their surnames too which is pretty poor for privacy.

Not sure how to process this and whether I should report it. I thought it would be best to ask on here for advice.


I got mail for few neighbors, but TWICE IN ONE WEEK, why??

05 Apr 2020, 04:42

Even though it seems unlikely to you it is probably a genuine mistake.

As you can imagine like all businesses working through the Coronavirus outbreak we are suffering from acute staff shortages.

This has two consequences, first of all it may not be your regular postie, it could be a temp or someone with very little experience and secondly the mail may not be clearing every day leading to a backlog in the delivery office, this can effect how the mail is bundled for delivery.

It is very unlikely to be deliberate. If you knew the nature of our managers and the fact that every customer complaint is followed up you would understand that we don't deliberately invite that kind of close scrutiny.

I would simply monitor the situation in the meantime and perhaps have a polite word with the postie next time you see them, following strict social distancing guidelines obviously.

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