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1st class parcels consistently late this year.

12 Sep 2019, 15:39

I don't know why, but parcels have been taking a week every time i have them sent to me, nearly always 1st class parcels(though i have had a couple of second class ones take a week or more too) the vast majority of the time they are sent in the morning or before acceptance time, its nothing dodgy either. just clothes every time. Very rarely now do parcels come a day or two afterwards. Apart from maybe once when it was addressed to my brother. No one else on the street seems to get parcels apart on some days apart from letters.

Perhaps its my delivery office?(manvers) i talked to one of the postmen and he said the managers are not properly doing there job and it gets on his nerves too. It just seems to be more then a coincidence now that it has happened 4 to 5 times now. There is no point in me contacting the sellers because they haven't really got any control over the postal system

It seems to me royal mail are struggling to keep up with higher influx of parcels these days, it was a lot better 5 to 6 years ago(pretty much before privatization) i wish they would hire more staff and have more deliveries each day. I find myself using couriers more and more these days if i need something guaranteed but i would rather support unionized postmen.

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