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31 Aug 2019, 23:29

*Royal Mail staff bullying / harassment campaign*

The whole story. Sorry, this is lengthy, but I really need some advice.

My problems began years ago, when a postman rammed a package through the letterbox, smashing the back off the letterbox, with components and springs on my hall floor. The package was ruined too. I complained to RM, and received a book of first class stamps as compensation, and had to pay £14 for a new letterbox.

After that, the postman left all packets on my doorstep, even small ones that would easily fit through my letterbox. They never knocked the door to let me know. I live on a main road, so they were easy to steal whilst I was at work. I had to call RM to tell them my mail was no longer safe.
This postman began to deliver normally, but would never close my wooden gate thereafter, and it would smash and bang in the wind all day, which damaged it.
I didn't raise a complaint about this, but put a note on the gate asking for them to close the gate. That was ignored, so for safety of my property and concern over theft of mail, I permanently locked the gate, and put another note up saying that mail had to be delivered at the rear of the house now. This was no effort for the postman, as he had to use the rear lane to deliver mail to other neighbours daily, and had to pass the rear of my house. I had a lockable mailbox there specifically, so that they didn't have to deviate far from the lane to give me my mail. Approx 2ft only.

Then my mail stopped being delivered, or was sent to the local pub, or funeral directors across the road or next door offices. No card was ever left, so I had to knock doors constantly to see if anyone had my mail.
This went on for a long time, then our postal round was given a new postman who was really friendly and would be pleasant when he saw me, and I always got my mail.

Then that all changed, and the round became a 'relief' round (he told me this was going to happen) Every other day, we were getting a new post person, who reverted back to sending my mail all over the place, plus I had to go and regularly deliver my neighbours mail back to them.

Bearing in mind that I am physically disabled, and the sorting office manager knows this, as I wrote directly to him, saying I couldn't cope with trying to obtain my mail anymore. He didn't respond, so after 3 weeks had passed, I called RM to make a complaint.

From there, the situation has just got worse and worse. The 2nd damage was done by another relief postman who put his bag on my wall, and knocked down potted plants. The smashed pots and soul I couldn't get up to to disability, so I asked RM for someone to come around and clean up the broken pottery and soil. The postman did take photos at the time, and admitted he'd caused the damage, which was good of him.
The delivery manager ignored communication from the RM customer service team, and they had to escalate their complaint with him at that point. He finally responded weeks later, but never sent anyone to clear up the mess. I had to ask a neighbour to do it, because when it rained, the soil washed around blocked my drains.
RM then gave up trying to contact the DM, and sent me a cheque for £50 to cover the cost of replacement plants and large terracotta pots. 

The constant relief staff remained, until recently, and this new postman is still coming here daily. 3 weeks ago, he was outside and I heard his device beep, meaning I had a parcel to sign for. I was in my bedroom, so I tapped the window, just about to say I'm on my way. As I tapped the glass about to speak, he shouted "Get down and sign!' He was extremely loud and aggressive. I got downstairs as quick as I could, and when I met him, I said "I'm sorry, I'm disabled and it takes a little while for me to get downstairs" He just stared at me, and handed me the parcel to sign, then left.
I went indoors thinking I shouldn't have bothered being polite or apologetic, as he was pretty vile towards me.
Then the very next day, was sat in my garden, and heard him telling my neighbour "She's trouble, and she conned RM out of £50.00 for compensation"
Now he wasn't around last year to even know I was compensated, and only the DM knew. The DM is the only person who could be instigating this vendetta against me.  I have had to make yet another complaint because I was in tears when I heard the postman and my neighbour discussing me.
The response from RM is that the postman and my neighbour ARE both friends, and that the DM will not be taking any action against the postman.

No one has realised the DM is behind it all. Now I have set up 'Mail Collect' so I'll have to go to the sorting office to get my mail somehow once a week, or the mail is returned to sender.
I received a letter from RM stating the service will begin 27th August, but this has not happened. I've had mail brought here every day by the postman who breached my confidentiality on the 27th and every day since. I do not want him or other staff from the sorting office to come to my home, but the DM has decided differently.
I've had to let RM know that this Mail Collect service has failed, and they logged it as a complaint (I didn't ask for a complaint log)  

I'd appreciate some advice please, because I don't know what to do anymore, and my mental health is going downhill with the stress and upset.

Thank you.


03 Sep 2019, 06:40

Whilst my issue is completely different to yours I can sympathise because I am going through the same thing with my postman.

I have a 200+ page complaint on him but nothing gets done. Why? Because he is a postman with 10+ years service. 3 of which I've been putting formal complaints about him (he's worked on this estate for 6 years!)

I am now on anti-depressants because of him and as I am a carer for my disabled dad (who lives with me) he has relapsed.

My postman is accusing me of putting in fraudulent claims to royal mail when I'm not, the first I know about it is when he spreads it around where I live. I've proven that it isn't anything to do with me time and time again just that royal mail DO NOT do any checks. If they can't find it in the delivery office that's it. But they aren't going to find something that has been delivered are they?

He is never punished for this so he is literally allowed to give private and confidential information about royal mail to members of the public.

This all started because I blocked him from accessing my twitter account, refused to give him a hug and caught him having an affair.

I'm grateful I have some support from his colleagues - we have developed our own code when passing each other.


03 Sep 2019, 14:42

Thank you for your reply Samantha2007.

I'm sorry you are going through hell also. I've decided I'm not letting this rest. I'll do whatever it takes. Royal Mail are not above the law, despite having certain protections.

Today I've received 6 pieces of mail, despite customer services emailing the DM last Thurs to state I am under the Mail Collect scheme. Yet again, he is ignoring them and asserting his bullying powers. I'm not going away or keeping quiet anymore though...


03 Sep 2019, 16:56

Yeah the DOM threatened to suspend my mail last year because apparently I threatened my postman. There was a witness and CCTV to prove it didn't happen. My postman is a compulsive liar. I have had several managers out to my house (and his union rep!) and I had a meeting at the delivery office.

When I took it to the postal panel review they offered me mail collect but I refused it - if you haven't filled in the paperwork for it you will continue to have your mail delivered to your home despite what they say. I have started ignoring the door when he knocks now parcel or not. His van share partner helps as much as he can.

Are you on twitter? That's how I got my postmans colleagues on my side. I tweeted evidence of everything he does with photos. I recommend it if you tag your local depot most posties will search to see what is said about them.

I'm not stopping with my complaint either but because I know too much (more than the managers at my local depot!) they won't reply to me anymore. When they don't reply I know I'm right, I also SAR (subject access request) royal mail on a regular basis to see what happens with my complaints (to see if they are upheld or not!)

Make sure you follow the complaint procedure and send anything signed for and keep a copy for yourself.

You can also tweet the Royal mail account that way they give you email addresses for people higher up.

Good luck.


03 Sep 2019, 18:48

I agree, my postman does....when he can stand on someones doorstep for 10 minutes at a time giving them private information about the failings of royal mail dealings with claims...

Do you honestly think it is acceptable for a postman to spread malicious gossip about one of his customers around an entire town when they haven't done anything to deserve it?


05 Sep 2019, 10:15

To be honest its a bit risky for Royal Mail staff to respond directly to any accusations like this, even if we sympathise.

However, I could suggest contacting the Regional Manager for the Offices concerned, and I would also suggest speaking to the escalation team, and postal review panel.

I certainly wouldn't recommend email Royal Mail HQ. :nervous :nervous


05 Sep 2019, 14:46

I completely understand the risks involved that's why I appreciate the 'help' staff are giving me from the local office.

Same as I sympathise with the majority of posties who get the blame for this happening. But I have lost alot of faith in royal mail. Nobody should have to go through what I have been through.

Thank you for your advice I have done everything you have suggested. I've spoken to that many managers I have absolutely no idea if they are regional or what etc etc

Whilst they will log it I won't receive a reply anymore because I simply know too much.

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