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What are the chances of a mail container being lost during transit? It's been 40hrs since an update.

05 Aug 2019, 17:50


I've had ongoing issues with receiving a Special Delivery package that had Saturday guarantee, and did not arrive Saturday. I was informed on that the container it's self, which contains over 150+ items of mail for various customers was missorted and arrived at the Inward Office of Exchange at 11:11pm on Saturday 3rd of August and then Item containerised at 1:16am and Item despatched from Heathrow to RMG Location again at 1:16am on Sunday 4th of August. The little updates I have received from escalations, is that it's not just my package, but the entire container and that it was despatched to Tyneside at 1:16am on Sunday the 4th of August. However, it's been 40+hrs now, and escalations weren't able to offer much help, but kept reassuring me it's in transit, and there is a possibility of delays between Heathrow and Tyneside, and that it could be for a variety of reasons from the truck breaking down to flights being delayed. One last call from escalations at 3:40pm to tell me there are no further updates, and that it's still showing in transit, that they confirmed with Heathrow that the container was despatched to Tyneside, and spoke to Tyneside Mail Centre who said that they have nothing currently outstanding, in terms of what they were expecting. Does this mean that they weren't expecting to the container, that contains the Special Delivery item I am waiting for, along with I am told 150+ other items contained within the container. What possible reasons could there be that it would take so long to get from Heathrow to Tyneside, since it was despatched at 1:16am on Sunday morning? Is it wishful thinking to hope that it could reach Tyneside sometime this evening / overnight by the late shift, and that they'll process the container along with mine and everyone else's mail, and that it would progress through the network to go out for delivery? The escalations team kept attempting to reassure me that it's not lost, and it's in transit, and that there is a possibility for delays, but they couldn't confirm anything as nothing has been brought up. It's reassuring to know it's not just my package, and it's the entire container so am not the only affected party, but it's not reassuring that there haven't been any updates, and I am starting to wonder if they've lost/misplaced the container as a whole and that I nor will anyone else who has mail in that container see their mail.

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