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Postie signed for "Signed For" item which went missing - chances of compensation?

03 Aug 2019, 07:55

Good morning. Newbie to the forum so hi! :-D

I sold an item on ebay at the start of the month which was posted to the buyer by Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class. This was posted on a Monday. I received a message from the buyer on the Friday of that week asking if the item had been posted as he had not received it so I checked the tracking info on Royal Mail Track and Trace and it was showing as signed for on the Wednesday by a person with the same surname as the buyer. The buyer however said him and his wife were at work all day and that was not his signature.

I asked him to check with neighbours, check in the garden etc but he still said he couldn't find it, and had contacted his sorting office who also did not have it. I therefore reported the item as missing to the Royal Mail customer services telephone number who said they would investigate it.

I've received two letters from them, one stating that "we are sorry that your Royal Mail signed for item was not signed for by the recipient, here's a book of stamps for your inconvenience". After calling the customer services line back and reminding them that my initial complaint was that the item was missing, they have sent me a letter stating that their investigation shows that the buyer's postie had signed for the item herself, but insists that the item was delivered!

The item itself was a small parcel / DVD box set that would not fit through a letter box. A quick look on google maps shows that the recipient's property has no safe place to leave the item outside the house.

The buyer still insists that the item was not delivered so I have raised a compensation claim through RM's website, however after speaking to RM's customer services helpline again, they have told me that my claim will most likely not be accepted because "as there is a signature on the item, it is classed as delivered".

How is this even possible? What are my rights / options of RM refuse to compensate for the lost item?

Postie signed for "Signed For" item which went missing - chances of compensation?

03 Aug 2019, 09:11 ... mplaint%3F

If you don’t get joy from your initial complaint, use the escalated process and, if necessary, go the the review panel. You should have enough evidence to win in the end.

Postie signed for "Signed For" item which went missing - chances of compensation?

03 Aug 2019, 09:51

Keep pushing it, their own website says that compensation is up to £50, but to get that you may have to provide proof of value. ... -2nd-class

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