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Worst courier in the UK

24 Apr 2019, 11:59

Royal Mail has to be the worst courier in the UK!

An eBay buyer that I sent a parcel to has stated that their item hasn't arrived and is therefore lost by RM.
Claiming for compensation is an utter joke.

This item managed to fit the "Large Letter" size so had a 1st class large letter stamp applied. Large letters do not have any form of tracking or reference whatsoever, no matter where/when you send it, and the only way to get any sort of reference number is "Signed For".
Yet, for anything weighing more than a couple of sheets of A4, "signed for" is more expensive than the equivalent MyHermes service - which has tracking and compensation thrown in for good measure!

None of this "oh, we need a tracking reference" or "you've got to wait at least 10 working days" nonsense, if you put in a claim to Hermes (via Shutl) then they give you a response within 48 hours, and when it's lost, they automatically give you a link to a claim form, which is always resolved within 7 days (working or not)!
Whereas RM want unrealistic timescales (1st class is 1-2 days, not 10 days!) as well as eBay item numbers (which won't paste into their form) and proof of payment via Paypal! It's such a huge farce, it's unreal !

If it goes OK, then RM is a good option (though not for anything bigger than a small parcel due to other couriers' prices, notably Collect+ and MyHermes) - but when it goes pear shaped, like the above, sellers have no recourse and RM is just about the worst option you could take, what a joke a company !!!!!

Worst courier in the UK

24 Apr 2019, 12:34

Just to make sure you are aware we have this on every page:

We have no affiliation with either Royal Mail or the Communications Workers Union (CWU), except that most of our members work for Royal Mail and/or are members of the CWU.

Worst courier in the UK

24 Apr 2019, 13:28

Just had a look at the Royal Mail website, looks like it might be possible to get tracking but it appears to be via click and drop only. I don't know if you need to be a business to use click and drop ... ne-postage ... -tracked24

Worst courier in the UK

25 Apr 2019, 00:21

Believe it or not, a family member sent out a parcel via Royal Mail a few months ago and was also very displeased. The item was a set of valuable documents that could not be easily replaced. It was sent as a small parcel, and according to the recipient (the sender knew the recipient) the item was dumped in a bin and never to be seen again! And this was with RM!

MyHermes may have been poor once in a while but it depends on who your local courier is, and the couriers now have to take photos on their hand held scanners, if the recipient is not in and they leave it in a "safe place". Meaning that if the safe place is in the open, or in a bin, and the item is never seen again, the courier is responsible - not me. And those scanners also have GPS enabled which also pinpoints exactly where delivery was attempted (to within a couple of meters).

I have not lied on anything. I have just used the best and most cost efficient courier for each option - and it seems like Royal Mail was/is not the best option to use on items with any significant value! As "signed for" stuff is cheaper via MyHermes (if just to get a tracking number) and for 99p items, it really doesn't matter how they get there (or if I have to refund 99p).

Worst courier in the UK

25 Apr 2019, 11:41

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Worst courier in the UK

28 Apr 2019, 19:17

If you wish to send 'a valuable set of documents that cannot be easily replaced' via any courier service then you have to select the appropriate product. The 'signed for', formerly known as 'recorded' ,service is not appropriate for such potentially valuable items. 'Signed for' items go into the mailstream along with all the other standard mail so could in theory get lost in the system and the journey through the system is not as well tracked as other products. Personally if I send a cheque through the post I use the 'special delivery' which isn't particularly cheap but is guaranteed to get there next day with no fuss or worry.

Your posts quote prices between RM and Hermes. The prices mentioned were not significantly different except when it came to large sized parcels. RM currently suffers by operating in an artificially uncompetitive business environment operated by the EU and the UK government. You may or may not have seen the recent documentary on TV on how Hermes operates. I believe they are about to change their practices but until recently what they were paying their staff equated to £5.90 per hour which is far less than the minimum wage. They achieve this by saying their staff are self employed which isn't accurate as they are employed by and only work for Hermes. There are other problems such as different rules for RM compared to the other couriers and the DSA scheme where the other couriers take half the revenue but just give us their mail to deliver.

As far as I know RM routinely pays out compensation sometimes without even checking out if the claim is genuine. RM offers other products such as a 'Tracked' service with a 'safeplace' option where details of where the parcel can be left and a photo is taken. Items can also have a 2D postage label affixed which can hold additional details. RM services are easily accessible via post offices across the UK - I wouldn't personally know how to use Hermes services.

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