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Parcelforce Parcel

06 Apr 2019, 08:01

Hope you are all well.
I’m was hoping someone may be able to help me. I had a large parcel sent from Italy to the UK.

It was sent on the 18th March and I have still not revived it. I contacted the Italian post who said it has arrived in the UK but on the Parcelforce Website it still says exported.
This is the tracking number

When I contacted parcelforce, they said it may well have arrived into the UK but it may be sat in a container waiting for it to get filled with other parcels and then once the container is full it gets shipped to their national hub in Coventry. Furthermore it could take upto six weeks to arrive.

Does this sound correct?

I would appreciate any feedback or guidance on the post.


Parcelforce Parcel

06 Apr 2019, 14:09

According to the Italian Postal site it has been sent by International standard which means its probably going by surface so yes that does sound okay.

Parcelforce Parcel

06 Apr 2019, 18:53

Sorry to sound thick but what does going by surface mean?! Also on the Poste Italiane website it says the parcel is in the Milan hub but on their Facebook messenger service they have assured me it’s in the uk. On the the parcel force website it is just saying exported. I’ve been doing some digging around and am I right in thinking the parcel is at hwdc Langley ? And is it normal to wait this long for a standard parcel? And is there any way to speed things up? Sorry about all the questions , it’s just that sender is proving difficult to get hold of and apparently he is the only person that can raise a complaint with Poste Italiane to find out what’s going on. Everybody I speak to keeps saying the sender has to find out!!

Parcelforce Parcel

06 Apr 2019, 20:29

hhamid wrote:Sorry to sound thick but what does going by surface mean?!!

As in not by air but by truck and ferry.

Yep, legally the sender has a contract with you, which he subcontracts to the postal service so in law only he should be given the information.

My personal guess is its either in UK or Italian Customs, or it has been pulled in at one of the borders for a check.

There is always a dead space where customs are involved when the post crosses borders, and if its going by road there will be big gap anyway.

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