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Can someone explain why my parcel is going back?

05 Apr 2019, 21:13

I ordered some Gfuel from the USA to the UK about a week ago and so far its made very fast progress to get here. Today i had checked the tracking info on the parcel (LX121279892US) and it said it had been tried to be delivered but no one was home, when i was and i heard nothing. No "sorry we missed you card was left either". Later on it says my parcel was accidentally redirected to another postal office in error and it'll be back on its way soon. Latest update says it has been received back at the USA the same day. What is going on? is the tracking wrong or did they just not bother sending the parcel and sent it back?

Can someone explain why my parcel is going back?

05 Apr 2019, 21:35

That US scan at 07:42pm today is an incorrect scan it has to be as all times are local on the system and they are 5 hours behind us so they haven't even reached 7:42pm yet :crazy:

Also 8 hours between the scans in Bristol UK and supposedly the US with a 5 hour time difference with flights taking 8 to 10 hours, sorry that's not possible.

If Bristol East Central DO is not your local office, I think they have sent it back to the Mail Centre for onward transmission to whatever your local office is. Thats the most likely explanation.

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