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Paid custom charge only got 1 package

27 Mar 2019, 23:52

I ordered 40 of the same items in different colours from China that were posted by the seller in 5 separate packages with 8 items in each. I was out one day and got a grey custom charge slip put through the door stating a £30 charge before delivery. I went to the post office to collect, paid the customs fee but it was only 1 of the packages. Now the £30 fee is for the total value of all items, including the other 4 packages yet to arrive. My question is, where are these packages? Should they have been at the post office for me to collect when I paid the custom fee? Will they be sent separately now the custom fee has been paid? I noticed on the package I did collect there was a custom charge and Royal Mail sticker along with “x5” which may mean 5 packages. Worried the other packages have gone missing or will incur separate custom charges when they do arrive although of course they should not is I’ve already paid the custom charge for the value of all items despite not getting them all delivered.

Paid custom charge only got 1 package

28 Mar 2019, 07:34

Sense check: was the total value of all 40 items in the region of 110 GBP?

Paid custom charge only got 1 package

28 Mar 2019, 09:55

It was around £113-£140, I don’t mind the custom charge but I only got one package.

Paid custom charge only got 1 package

28 Mar 2019, 14:05

What's 'possibly' happened is the postie has forgot to write out a 'sorry you were out' card for the other packets or there is a mix up in the callers office with the non charged items. (Double check whether you actually get a red card though)
If you can you need to go to your delivery office and with lots of ID and explain what has happened.
Worse case they can redeliver the other packets at a date agreed by you if they won't give them to you there.

Paid custom charge only got 1 package

30 Mar 2019, 00:21

Many thanks for your reply. I went back to the post office who said they didn’t have anymore packages there and I managed to get a tracking number from Chinese company for Royal Mail who say they are in transit. Just strange that one arrived and the others didn’t! Don’t want s custom charge on all when I’ve already paid value of all! Thanks again

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