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Stamps on the wrong size envolopes!

06 Mar 2019, 19:00

I have several items to send out and this morning I bought stamps and various packaging.

My young son was helping me this afternoon and whilst I was making sandwiches in the kitchen, he went ahead and stuck all 12 stamps on the incorrect envolopes and also started labelling them.

My problem is 12 x 1st class Large stamps have been stuck down on normal white envolopes and I need these stamps to be used on 12 large jiffy bags. I have been trying to find any info on this but unable to. The stamps are stuck and impossible to peel them off without ripping them off. How can I use these stamps onto the jiffy bags? They are brand new, so I was thinking to cut around them and tape them onto each jiffy bag. Will this work or am I now stuck with the 12 stamped envolopes which I dont need today?

My boy was really proud to have helped his Mum all by himeslf so I didnt tell him he got it mixed up.

Stamps on the wrong size envolopes!

06 Mar 2019, 19:13

Will the jiffy bag fit inside the envelope?

Assuming not, Sellotape the envelope to the jiffy bag - with the address on the envelope. Ensure the Sellotape is fully on all the edges of the envelope and things should be fine. If the incorrect address is on the envelope, have you got some white labels to put over the top and write the correct details on?

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