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Get something returned to sender

11 Jan 2019, 10:45

Hello, I sent an important package which has not been delivered and I didn't have a return address on the back of the envelope.

I've been told that the parcel will eventually be sent to a centre and opened to try and find a return address (which they will as it is letter headed paper). However, we really can't wait that long, is there someway I can call or write to Royal Mail and tell them the return address? I have the tracking number and receipt so I can prove it was me that sent it.

Get something returned to sender

11 Jan 2019, 12:38

Yes ring customer service at Royal Mail 0345 774 0740 it has a terrible menu service but it is a "lo-call" number so dependant on your telephone providers package the cost can be small.

They will need as much information as possible, address it's going to, a description of the parcel, and the contents and the tracking number. There will still be a delay but the returns letter branch will be informed via the database and it will make it easier for them to solve the issue. However, they do deal with thousands and thousands of these kinds of issues so it is still a waiting game I am afraid.

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