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Royal Mail Interview

31 May 2019, 19:11

Hey I was just wondering I’ve recently had an interview for Royal Mail, I was recommended by a friend of mine who works at Royal Mail, When I handed the manager my photo copies he was signing them all is this a nornal thing ?

Royal Mail's recruitment process timings

02 Aug 2019, 09:46

My timeline:
Application submitted 24/06/19
Interview 09/07 - successful interview but vacancy already filled so I was put on the waiting list.
Application submitted for a different DO 18/07
Phone call 30/7 offering me a position at the DO I was originally interviewed for - that one also fell through due to someone putting in a transfer request.
Phone call yesterday offering me the second position I applied for.
Provisional induction date 19/08.
Edit: Email today 02/08 - pre-employment checks completed and passed.

Royal Mail's recruitment process timings

25 Oct 2019, 11:29

I have recently applied for two postie roles in areas close to me, Cardiff and Aberdare, and both had mentioned that they were looking to hold interviews on the 23rd and 24th October. However, those dates have now passed and the status of both applications are still showing as Testing Complete. Should I assume that as the indicated dated for interviews have passed that I haven't been successful or that there have been delays?

I'd previously applied for another role but had been unsuccessful and that had been updated on my profile as well as receiving an email to advise of this.

I come from a very corporate background but am desperate for a change of career having spent too many years in the rat race and although it is very different I would love a job like this that is customer focused but also physically demanding so any advice as to what to do next would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!

Royal Mail's recruitment process timings

Today, 14:23

hello, so i entered an application, went to work, wasn't aware of the 24 hr period on completion as i had not actually revived the email, i worked dual 14 hr shifts this week and have been dealing with a medical emergency in the family (father inlaw was rushed for triple bypass) is there anyway to contact recruitment team ? i did fill out all forms ect but i was a day late (12 hrs )

any help would be appreciated
many thanks

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