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cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 02:10

I'm getting sick of being cancelled by Angard and then being informed that the managers ask for reduced numbers
and then ring up there fav workers!
Is this just happening at Chester Mail Center?

cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 13:05

Happens all the time at the Chester Mail centre.

I keep getting told by Angard central office that Managers aren't allowed to and do not book in Angard workers.

Complete nonsense. Certain Angard faces get rung up from Managers regularly.

Happens all the time.

Clear discrimination.

cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 14:42

I’m not defending the practice, but look at it from another perspective.

Say RM ask for (say) 70 Angard in. Monday Late shift.

Angard Purdue their policy of trying to allocate shifts equally to those on their books. Take into account the current recruitment drive (>200 at my MC since January) and there follows the perfect storm of 60 of the 70 being first-timers.
With the best will in the world, these are little use to RM Managers, staff or fellow-Angard staff.

RM Managers are targeted with getting the work out so they look at the list of names, ask for a reduction in numbers and then ring names if experienced staff who were not in the Angard list for the evening.

The work has to be done, within schedule.

It would be far better if Angard would select staff with a mix of length of service/experience, but they might be worried that some if the new recruits would claim favouritism/predjudice.

It’s very annoying to be block-booked in advance for 3 shifts, only to have some cancelled by Angard with a lesser number reinstated by local Managers.

I cannot see that the JoinedUp system about to be tested at Leeds MC will improve matters greatly in this regard

cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 17:33

NW11851 wrote:RM Managers are targeted with getting the work out so they look at the list of names, ask for a reduction in numbers and then ring names if experienced staff who were not in the Angard list for the evening.

This happens to a degree but at holiday times RM tend to block book just in case they need people, once they see the projected figures the cancellations start. Shift managers may be completely unaware of how many have been booked and cancelled. I got cancelled the other day and then got called in direct for the same shift. The manager hadn't even booked anybody originally when I told him I'd been booked and cancelled.

We got told no direct bookings anymore a few months back and the majority of people are booked through Angard now but all the 'on the day' bookings are still made direct by RM managers. A few years back you would have got the shift through Angard, when they actually rang you, knew who RM liked to get and who they could rely on for last minute availability. Angard stopped doing that and ticked off the RM managers by supplying mass inexperienced people which led to the increase in direct bookings which isn't fair but understandable. I've done well out of this system in the past but now I rarely get called it's annoying that you know other people are getting the work. I could complain to Angard but that would be a bit hypocritical of me.

cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 18:25

I don’t understand why the other mail centres anguard staff don’t join in with the Leeds action? I’ve no idea what they are after or why. But surely unity is strength. Nepotism has always run wild in rm so I’m not surprised managers phone in relatives/favourites first it’s always been the same. Until we get decent trained managers and not the same faces we will never move forward.

cancelled shifts

26 Apr 2019, 19:25

Mail Centres DO NOT need "Sorters"

They are full of people who want to do nothing but "sorting" already.

cancelled shifts

27 Apr 2019, 19:25


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