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Holiday Pay Calculation

11 Apr 2019, 13:11

For those who have calculated their total holiday pay and advised it works out at 12.07% of their annual wages, what figures did you use to work this out?

I would assume the total figure for the year is our GROSS PAY minus any holiday pay received (whether the lump
sum received last April or any claimed during the year), and also minus pension deductions.

During the year we get some payments labelled as UNDERPAY or SUPP PAY (which are adjustments for missing hours or the backdated pay rise we received in July, August and October). All of this should be included, I assume, even the payments that related to the previous year, because it wasn’t included when calculating last year’s holiday pay.

Whichever way I try to do the maths, my holiday pay does not reflect 12.07% of my wages. Can anyone help?

Holiday Pay Calculation

11 Apr 2019, 14:53

My maths must have been out the first time I calculated it as I thought £300 this week would give me the 12.07% but having double checked it I'm £50 short. I've worked it out the same way as you. I use the figures from the first column on the payslip which show your total gross pay (not inc. holiday) and total holiday pay for the year. Last year I was £5 out which I reckoned was probably down to the way their payroll software round figures up and down. Just checked 2017 and I was paid £45 more than I calculated so there is obviously something we are missing or their software is inaccurate.

Time to contact Angard and ask what total figure they use?

Holiday Pay Calculation

11 Apr 2019, 16:06

A couple of old posts which may or may not help.
This edited reply from Angard staffing support manager confirms shift allowance point.

Holiday is accrued at a rate of 12.07% of Gross Pay and this is presented at an average of the booking rates for the shifts which you are deployed to; please note that the booking rate will likely differ from your actual rate of pay as the booking rate is the standard rate with no shift allowances applied. Regardless of the rate used, the total amount ofholiday accrued will always be the same; i.e. you could accrue 15 hours at £7.50 an hour or 10 hours at £11.25 an hour. Holiday pay then does become more complex when looking over a period of weeks where pay is at differing rates, please see below a worked example.


------------ Hours ---- pay ------ total ----- holiday hours ----- holiday pay ------ total holiday
------------ Worked –-- rate ------- pay ------ accrued ------------- rate --------------accrued

week 1 --- 8.75 ----- £9.64 ---- *£180.75 -------- 2.26 ------------£9.64 -------------£21.82
week 2 --- 10.25 ----- £10.18 ---- £104 35 ------- 1.24 ------------ £10.18 -----------£12.59
week 3 --- 19.50 ----- £9.82 ---- £191.49 ------- 2.35 ------------ £9.82 ------------£23.11
week 4 --- 25.00 ----- £8.99 ---- £224.75 -------- 3.02 ------------ £8.99 ------------£27.13
week 5 --- 37.50 ----- £9.57 ---- £358.88 --------- 4.53 ------------ £9.57 ------------£43.32
week 6 --- 15.50 ----- £8.73 ---- £135.32 ---------1.87 ------------ £8.73 ------------£16.33

Total ----------------------------------------------------15.27-------- ** £9.45 ------------£144.30-----

( * £180.75 x 12.07 % = 2.26 accrued hours ---------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------- (**hourly average) £144.30 divided by 15.27 = £9.45

Second post - my example;

£10.00 per hour – 20 hrs - £200.00 p/w = £10,400 p.a
£200.00 x 12.07% = £24.14 (holiday pay)
divided by 10 = 2.4 hours accrued

The calculation for a year you have to deduct 5.6 weeks (28 days)
- your statutory entitlement.
46.4 x 12.07% = 5.6

46.4 weeks x £200.00 = £9280.00
46.4 weeks x £24.14 = £1,120.09
x 12.07%
= £1,120.09 holiday pay
divided by hourly rate £10.00 = 112 accrued hours

5.6 (28 days) x 20 hours = 112 hours.

Or Total hours p.a. (minus 112) = 928 x 12.07% = 112 hours accrued

This example does not include any adjustments regarding shift allowance & if AWR qualified, meal breaks & extra holiday entitlement which affects the calculation.

Holiday Pay Calculation

17 Apr 2019, 12:05

Just had a play with my totals again and got to £5.11 less than the Angard total. The variable holiday rate might have caused me to be a fiver out.

The holiday/gross totals which are shown on the payslip are for the tax year but the holiday year runs April 1st to March 31st so some holiday/gross pay overlaps and when they pay out any outstanding holiday the holiday gross totals on the payslip also include holiday accrued in the new tax year so come the end of the new tax year you are short in the holiday gross total shown on the payslip because some of it has already been paid but showed on the previous years holiday total.

If you click on the holidays payment we've just had the total say it's for the tax year but that is for the 2018/19 tax year and any accrued 2019/20 holiday from April 1st to when they pay out the holiday is included in that total. You need to look at the start of 2018/19 when the outstanding holiday was paid out and see how much you accrued and were paid from April 1st but was incuded in the 2017/18 totals. It's probably stil worth an email to payroll to ask what gross total they used for holiday pay as the last year has been a mess with the various back payments.

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