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Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

30 Mar 2019, 01:07

I’m curious as to whether we actually see any pay increase in our hourly rate once they deduct the extra money we were getting to compensate for breaks and holidays. Either way, we should be better off unless local management refuse to allow us to take the breaks we are entitled to.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

30 Mar 2019, 04:50

Yes I am curious too. When I get my first payslip with the changed rates, I will be sending angard a query for the updated payrates for my specific mail centre. I agree that we should be better off in overall weekly pay still but we'll see soon for confirmation.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

30 Mar 2019, 09:42

I spoke to some managers on my usual shift about the changes, all of whom said they knew nothing about it. The mail centres have been informed because a manager on another shift knew and confirmed there had been a notice sent out about it. Are Angard/RM going to comply with AWR in regards to AWR staff getting the same breaks as RM we don't currently know? It's the usual problem of trying to actually get an answer from Angard when you contact them and I didn't want to giveaway to the manager I was talking to that I did not know the full agreement so didn't ask him what detail was in the notice. Angard's initial reply to me was useless and just confirms the usual when RM say jump they just ask how high? We'll see what happens next week but I can feel a grievance coming on, hopefully I'm wrong.

How much was added to our hourly rate for breaks and holidays has always been a mystery due to Angard's policy of completely ignoring any email asking for that information. We are finally going to find out. It does say in their email that you probably won't see the 2% increase in your new rate. The short shifts I mostly work at my MC you don't get a break so they are paid in full. If we do get a break in the future we will still be slightly worse off financially due to the reduced rate. The longer shifts will balance out with the breaks now being paid.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

30 Mar 2019, 17:02

tabact wrote:
How much was added to our hourly rate for breaks and holidays has always been a mystery due to Angard's policy of completely ignoring any email asking for that information. We are finally going to find out.

Mr Kocur received higher hourly pay; £10.50 per hour as opposed to a comparable employee’s £9.60 per hour. "The claimant was paid at an hourly rate of £10.50. For an afternoon eight hour shift that would mean that a first respondent employee would receive £78.75 (7.5 x £10.50) and the second respondent's employee would receive £76.80 (eight hours x £9.60). That would mean, therefore, that a first respondent employee, an agency worker, would be paid £1.95 more than a second respondent employee for the same shift."

Also it indicates you will receive 2% increase for shifts worked on or after 1 April 2019............. & " Note that due to the removal of enhancements to basic pay for holiday and breaks, you may not see a 2% increase in your hourly pay rate". I assume they mean you will not really "notice" the pay increase as the rise will be nullified by the reduction.

Pay Increase worked on or after 1 April 2019.

We are pleased to announce that Royal Mail is increasing certain elements of pay by 2% for agency workers who meet the qualifying period of service under the Agency Worker Regulations (i.e. agency workers who work 12 weeks in a row for Royal Mail). The 2% increase applies across eligible areas of pay. We will apply these increases for shifts worked on or after 1 April 2019.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

02 Apr 2019, 16:37

I haven’t yet worked a shift since the changes came into effect - has anyone been advised of any changes to break procedures this week? As stated above, Angard staff at our MC currently don’t get the same breaks as Royal Mail and our line managers aren’t the most appropriate people to bring this up with.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

02 Apr 2019, 17:09

On my mail centre we work from 6:00 to 14:00 and we still have 1h break. Nothing changed. The difference is now we will get paid for the full 8h instead of 7h.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

02 Apr 2019, 17:21

I spoke to somebody who worked the 18.00-22.00 shift last night and all staff were told to make sure they took a 20 minute break where previously you didn't get one. I had a word with a couple of managers at the weekend and the email they have been sent says to give AWR staff breaks which they understood to be the same breaks as RM staff get. I didn't get a reply from Angard when I asked them to confirm we should get the same breaks.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 10:27

Are people now getting the same breaks as RM staff particularly on a 4 hour shift? I worked my first shift last night since the changes, half the managers were denying any knowledge of any changes and not giving people a break. This is rubbish as other shift managers on nights and weekends have received notification. I insisted on a 20 minute break but others in the same area didn't get one. The original feedback I got on all staff being told to take a break was only applicable in one area. Still trying to get an answer from angard whether RM are now honouring AWR in regards to breaks where identical shift lengths are worked compared to RM staff.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 12:51

May 2018 Quote/Misquote from Simon Barker,RM UK Process Operations Director;

"Within the mail centres and RDCs We're building/we built in a relaxation allowance – its roughly 13 per cent but does change depending on the nature of the job"

This is part of the response I received from his office;
“As you are aware I have sought assistance from our HR/People Team and they have advised that the relaxation allowance has always been built into the standard times measured to carry out indoor activity, generally at a level of around 11 – 13% depending on the activity being carried out i.e. lifting weight / standing etc and that the relaxation allowance is not something that is being built in owing to the introduction of the Shorter Working Week.”

So if you (AWR qualified) work in a mail centre or RDC for a 4 hour shift (240 minutes at 12%) would work out at 28.8 minutes.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 13:07

Thanks for the information. RM staff doing a 4 hour shift get a 20 minute break at my MC so just looking for parity, if I don't get it I'll take it further.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 14:28

tabact wrote:Thanks for the information. RM staff doing a 4 hour shift get a 20 minute break at my MC so just looking for parity, if I don't get it I'll take it further.

I would think parity is the least you're entitled to expect. At our RDC Angard/Agency shifts for the past few months were reduced to 4 hours with no break. From April a change has been made which gives Angard/Agency a 4 hour 45min shift. This means they work four hours, have 30min break & then return to work for 15mins. (If you only have one break this must be taken sometime between the shift, It cannot be taken at the end). I am sure the whole shift is paid.

I have also also questioned P/T meal break entitlement some years ago to get pro-rata equality with full time employees within RM. I believe it is only right to endorse RM's mantra of equality & fairness.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 18:36

What is a “relaxation allowance”? Is it related to breaks or to money?

I’m about to work my first weekday nightshift since the changes and what I’m reading does not fill me with the confidence we will get the correct break allowance. As stated above, the end time is flexible and you leave when the manager says you can go, so the shift length may be as short as 5.5hrs or as long as 7.75hrs (sometimes longer if you’re asked to start early or stay behind!) Previously Angard have been getting a 30 minute break regardless of the length of this shift while our RM colleagues get an hour and a potential early finish.

What is a “grace break”? The allowance for 7.5/7.75hrs is 40 minutes (as far as I know) but RM staff always get an hour, and I assume the additional 20 minutes is their “grace break”. Should AWR qualified Angard staff also get the grace break?

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 19:01

Information is available at; ... t-2000.pdf

In May 2018 the agreement was cited “In the way forward agreement, we have commitments..... that will continue to be honoured" so is still valid.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 20:12

There’s a hell of a lot to digest there, and much of it does not apply to Angard staff. However the question about whether we, as AWR agency staff, are entitled to the grace breaks/relaxation allowance is not addressed. Should we be getting an hour’s break along with our RM colleagues?

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

16 Apr 2019, 21:32

Section 5. page 22,23. Explains what relaxation allowance is, which answers "What is a “relaxation allowance”? Is it related to breaks or to money?"
There is also an explanation of grace breaks.
Also stated - breaks for Mail centres & RDCs differ from delivery offices.

It is clear RM, following EAT decision, have to pay agency the same hourly rate, as opposed to the higher rate which compensated for breaks & holiday pay.

As for meal/rest breaks.The agency worker regulations specify;
Basic terms and conditions
After 12 weeks in the same job with the same hirer, you will be entitled to the same basic terms and conditions as if you had been recruited directly.

These basic terms and conditions include:

basic pay, including holiday pay, overtime and bonuses linked to your performance
life of working time – for example, not being expected to work more hours a week than those who are directly recruited
annual leave (where this is above your legal entitlement you may receive an additional payment, as part of the hourly rate (CHANGED) or at the end of the assignment, instead of the additional leave) -
night work
rest breaks and rest periods
paid time off for ante-natal appointments

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

17 Apr 2019, 00:05

Well, nothing was said tonight when I started my shift. A colleague had a word with the union rep who went to speak to the night shift manager. Apparently the night shift manager “would not entertain the idea” of Angard getting the same breaks as the RM staff - so if we are here 7 hours or more we will still only get 30 minutes break. The union will escalate it, but that’s the stance at our MC at the moment.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

17 Apr 2019, 08:31

Your post pretty much sums up working for Angard. It's ridiculous that two weeks after a complete change in the way breaks are paid we haven't been told what the new break allowance is. The only logical assumption (to Angard workers) is RM will adhere to AWR and we get the same breaks as RM staff but we are dealing with RM here. If you contact Angard asking for clarification you get told 'we don't know we're trying to find out'. RM managers have had an email regarding paid breaks but we don't know what's in it so makes it a bit difficult to argue your case if a local manager refuses a break. MC managers obviously don't want to give any more breaks than they have to, they are only interested in keeping their budgets down. At a national level I'd guess that with the hourly rate having been reduced RM are saving money by paying breaks as nobody gets anywhere near full time hours normally.

As usual when dealing with Angard nothing is easy as Reed are just an administrator for RM. It's no good telling me they will let me know what RM has implemented for breaks ASAP. A proper independent agency would know your employment agreements. It just proves yet again Angard is not fit for purpose and is purely a vehicle to keep zero hours staff technically not employed by RM. If there is no answer forthcoming then everybody should raise a grievance and potentially be willing to go down the tribunal route.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

17 Apr 2019, 10:37

tabact - you have summed it up entirely. One individual member of Angard staff raising the issue with a line manager (particularly night shift managers at our MC) would get nowhere. He/she would quickly find themselves passed over for shifts in favour of someone who wouldn’t make a fuss. And there are plenty Angard staff who appear to neither know nor care what their official Ts & Cs are as long as they have some beer money hit their account on Fridays. A joint grievance via the union rep is probably the way to go, but I would hate to be seen as the instigator. Angard staff are easily dispensable, and a local shift manager won’t care about the implications of a tribunal - they just want “feet in bull rings” saying “yes sir, no sir, three mailbags full sir”.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

17 Apr 2019, 11:25

I'm already out of favour with the managers so getting sod all work on my preferred shift at the moment and I got my break on the one I did work even if others didn't. I've been on both sides of the fence in various jobs and most employees will moan away about things but very few will actually do anything so as a manager you can normally get away with it. I'm sceptical to how much help you would get from the CWU as they are opposed to the use of casual staff and don't even acknowledge Angard exists the last time I looked on their website, try a search on angard 'no results'. Any grievance has to be raised with Angard first as they are officially our employer then progressed from there. I'll be surprised if RM aren't going to comply with AWR on breaks as they are leaving themselves wide open for future employment tribunals.

Paid breaks from 1/4/2019

18 Apr 2019, 12:59

Somewhere on this forum I have recently seen a table (or similar) outlining rest break entitlements for various shifts. Can anyone point me to that, or repost them?

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