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Angard breaks.

13 Mar 2019, 13:43

Does anyone know the break patterns adopted by Angard please? I appear to be getting docked more for breaks than I actually take. I have tried asking Angard about their break policy but i cannot seem to get a straight answer.

Angard breaks.

13 Mar 2019, 18:28

Ignore angard they probably don't even know what breaks are deducted at your MC. Talk to the bookroom and find out what they take off for breaks and if you are getting less actual time make it clear to your RM managers that you are deducted x number of minutes and that is what break you are taking. Individual managers may be unaware of what you are actually getting deducted. You'll find if you ask the bookroom they will probably trot out that it is down to angard what breaks you get. Angard don't deduct any breaks from your hours it is done at the MC before they submit the timesheets. There appears to be no fixed policy from angard in regards to breaks, if you look through the posts on this forum, they will only say it is down to the MC if they bother replying.

Angard breaks.

24 Mar 2019, 13:55

When I do a 10.30-6.30 and when we don't get sent home at 6 on quiet nights we get two breaks of twenty minutes (normally at half 12 and 3.30), so we get paid for 7.33 hours. Some nights we do 11-6.30 and just get one 30 minute break, and when starting at midnight we get one twenty minute break. Seems to vary from mail centre to mail centre and yeah, it depends on your RM manager(s), not Angard.

Angard breaks.

26 Mar 2019, 01:40

Royal Mail or Angard should not be deducting any pay for breaks Royal mail do not deduct from employees of Royal mail, after 12 weeks Angard are on the same terms and conditions.

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