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Paid / Unpaid breaks

31 Jan 2019, 20:34

Last Autumn I became an AWR qualified worker. Lucky me.

So on 4th Dec 2018 I sent a polite email to Angard asking for them to advise me of the paid and unpaid breaks that are set for a 4,5,6,7 and 8 hour shifts.

After chasing and chasing a reply I finally got one.

They can't answer the question !


What a joke.

Paid / Unpaid breaks

03 Feb 2019, 11:40

All Angard breaks are unpaid.

At my MC we receive a 30 minute break for a four-hour shift. So we actually get paid for 3.5 hours.
In practice, on the the 18:15 to 22:15 shift, we receive a 15-min break and leave at 22:00.

It’s not in line with the AWR, which states that breaks must not be taken at either the beginning or ends of shifts, but it means that we can all leave slightly earlier.

It’s not too bad on a short shift.

As regards an 8-hour shift, the entitlement is to a 1-hour break. Your MC may wish to make this 45/15 minutes split. It’s up to you if you agree to it.

Personally, for shift lengths in between those lengths, I usually visit the Bookroom to see what length of break is applicable.

Angard continue to argue that it’s staff receive a slightly higher hourly rate than RM staff, to compensate for the unpaid breaks.

This has been tested and found wanting by an Employment Tribunal in Yorkshire, but RM/Angard believe that the law does not apply to them and have ignored it.

One day, their flouting of ET Judgements will cost them dear.
They would rather pay the fines than attempt the massive recalculation involved in recommending all staff, both past and present.

Paid / Unpaid breaks

03 Feb 2019, 14:04

"All Angard breaks are unpaid"

Thats not what Angard have told me. They told me that AWR workers are entitled to paid breaks like RM employees but they couldn't tell me the length of paid or unpaid breaks for each shift length.

Paid / Unpaid breaks

03 Feb 2019, 14:15

Well at least that’s filtered down to your responder.

Doesn’t alter the fact that they don’t actually practise what they have said.

Paid / Unpaid breaks

03 Feb 2019, 17:59

All I have asked from Angard is a simple table which would say:

Hours worked Paid breaks allowed Unpaid breaks allowed

As it stands now nobody has a clue.

I have worked many lengths of shift and nobody including Mangers have a clue as to what paid/unpaid breaks Angard workers should get.

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