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Do Angard have ANY Sense - Last Night’s Text

28 Dec 2018, 11:53

I have to wonder what the qualification is to be employed by Angard,

Last night, Angard sent out a text at 21:15, received by most staff between 21:30 and 22:45:
“hi all,

please call 01604 973857 if you are able to work next week at gatwick mc. please see the shifts available below.

wed - sat - 0630-1030
wed fri - 1815-2215
tues - fri -0215-0615
tues - fri - 1430-2215

saturday 1500 - 2100”

No thought that many of their staff were actually WORKING at the time, and trying to complete the shift’s work to tight timescales.

This provoked pandemonium as virtually all the Angard staff simply stopped work and started trying to telephone Angard to book shifts for next week.

Not a bright move Angard. Total lack of understanding of the business,

Do Angard have ANY Sense - Last Night’s Text

29 Dec 2018, 08:38

Have these shifts already been offered to the RM start first, or are they being bypassed.

Do Angard have ANY Sense - Last Night’s Text

29 Dec 2018, 09:14

Sorry. No idea. All I know is that Angard sent out the text at sill o’clock and there was pandemonium as their staff downed tools to ring in and try to get work forcnext week.

Those not carrying their phones missed out.

The floor managers were shocked as work simply ceased at a critical time.

No RM Casuals appeared to receive texts.

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