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Ongoing Work for Christmas Casuals

22 Dec 2018, 09:56

At my MC, Secrion Managers have been going round encouraging the younger Christmas Casuals to apply to transfer to Angard and indicating that they will have work until 20 January, when it is hoped the transfers have taken effect.

No-one over 30 seems to have been approached.

Looks like the more expensive, experienced Angard staff will be back of the queue for shifts, again.

I appreciate that Angard feel the need to have a large pool of staff on whom they can call in busy periods but this does seem like another slap in the face for their experienced staff.

As an aside, many, but not all, of the Casuals seem to have spent much of their shifts either on their phones or working ‘one-handed’ whilst engaged in interminable phone conversations.

So have the RM staff.

Why local management do not insist on a ‘no phone usage’ as per the notices posted all over the building, I fail to understand.

For £10.50 per hour, or much more, I would consider insisting the staff handing in their phones at the start if each shift.

Ongoing Work for Christmas Casuals

22 Dec 2018, 11:30

The whole situation is a disgrace. I have been with Angard for 5 years now. Hardly worked this xmas. Very few shifts offered to me. Lots of Angard that did have shifts booked had them cancelled in favour of cheaper xmas casuals. Angard workers have been treated in an appalling manner this xmas. I expect many to leave.

Ongoing Work for Christmas Casuals

22 Dec 2018, 15:48

Perhaps that’s part of the ‘plan’.

Reducing the cost base by ‘encouraging’ many of their long-time staff to want to leave.

It’s legal but unpleasant.

Let’s hope the newbies pay attention and learn the jobs otherwise it’s all a false economy for RM/Angard.

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