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Angard pay statement.

12 Dec 2018, 17:01

My pay statement for last week is not appearing online today. Has anyone received theirs?

Angard pay statement.

12 Dec 2018, 17:20

Nope! Nothing for me either. Not only cutting our shifts but not paying us for the few we get :-(

Angard pay statement.

12 Dec 2018, 17:28

Not worked for 3 weeks, so booked holidays, no pay slip, site is down, what a company.

Angard pay statement.

12 Dec 2018, 18:01

Yup no payslip yet. has happened before but usually in early Weds morning do remember not getting one till Thursday but that was a year back could just be late have never not been paid off Angard and been wither a number of years. The pre- booked x mas shift cancellations is poor and not good treatment of there regular staff . To be honest think we are going to be weeded out in time. coming out of Xmas with umpteen pissed of staff some will call it quits as it’s just not worth the hassle and x mas casuals being took on by Angard after the new year no doubt the long terms me included time to look elsewhere and leave the hassle of all this behind.

Angard pay statement.

12 Dec 2018, 18:09

Payslips are online now just before 5 today late but in.

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