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LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

20 Apr 2017, 10:47

Sorry I am just catching up with this site......whats all this about break changes for us angard bods? When? Ta

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

22 Apr 2017, 14:40

Jizzmeister wrote:Has anybody emailed/had a reply from CWU about this yet?

The Union are about as useful as Flat Tyre , Homes.

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

24 Apr 2017, 17:21

Has anyone looked into what could have affeted/paused our 12 wk ryts? Like a change of roles within the company or anything? I spoke to acas and they and they said make sure this is sound before takin any action. Has anyone tried to do anything yet as I've not sen any posts

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

21 Jul 2017, 12:27

My last text for a shift was May 12th. I phoned Angard about 3 weeks ago and was told things were very quiet but I was still on their books. Today I have got my P45 through the post from HMRC with no warning from Angard that I have been finished. I am f***ing furious. How can this be???

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

03 Aug 2017, 09:39

When are AWR staff going to be allowed to have door keys

I've worked for Angard for more than 28 weeks yet still have to wait for someone with a pass to come along to free the lock.

There is no bell to ring to summon someone.

Not too bad if a major shift is starting but if called in mid-shift, it's embarrassing and faintly degrading to have to ring a shift leader to get him/her to send someone to open the lock.

Thought, under AWR, we were supposed to be treated equally?

Fat chance.

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

09 Jun 2018, 22:59

Although an action has been taken by CWU, there is an inherent conflict in representing RM workers and agency workers as we pose a possible threat to their jobs. What is needed is for agency workers to unionize to deal directly with Angard as regards staffing, fair treatment, pay, and the like. The CWU is not a suitable solution for agency workers. There are other unions that are working with agency workers, Unison and GMB.

Is there any desire to get people on board to unionize so that the practices of Angard are consistent, clear and fair to all involved? As you are all aware, this needs to be a team effort as individual efforts will be shut down by Angard. In addition to dealing with Angard, the union representing us could intervene with Royal Mail in the cases of unequal or unfair treatment. In any case, there is a clear need for unification because right now Angard keeps us divided and allows us no room to actually get anything that is fair or just done. Please let me know your thoughts and see if something can be done to increase our representation at both Angard and RM. I do recognize that Angard is an extension ot RM, but we must work with Angard regarding staffing and agency issues as RM will tell you that it is not their responsibility for that. Again, I welcome your responses and thoughts.

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

12 Jun 2018, 10:33

The majority of people working for Angard in my experience may complain about various issues but they won't even contact Angard so it would be difficult to persuade people to join a union. The big problem is zero hour contracts and people believing that if they complain they won't get any shifts although that is precisely why union representation could help.

I agree that if Angard staff were unionised the CWU shouldn't represent them, their job is to resist the use of casual staff, but I just can't see enough people being persuaded to join a union to make another union interested in getting involved. Most people sign up with Angard and after a few months realise they were misled on the amount of work they would get and leave so there are not that many long term Angard staff to potentially recruit. The majority of Angard staff at my MC have other jobs or are retired and look upon any shift they are given as a bonus. They don't rely on Angard for their main income and once AWR qualified know they wouldn't get such a good rate of pay for unskilled work anywhere else so are quite happy with the way things are.

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

13 Jun 2018, 18:14

I have contacted Angard many times about various issues I have by email. Guess what. They never reply.

This is what you are up against.

As I have said before Angard are not fit for purpose.

LTB 107/17 - Treatment of Casual and Angard Workers

14 Jun 2018, 22:14

Unfortunately, the comment by tabact regarding the lack of desire to come together by agency workers rings very true. Nevertheless, I shall contact a union (not CWU) and see if they would be interested in trying to recruit agency workers at my designated work location. If that should succeed (and I do not think that it has high hopes) then it will be a model that they can take to other locations to help organize and represent agency workers with Angard.

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