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Aussie Posties demand expanded investigation as they 'struggle day in, day out'

Posted: 28 Oct 2020, 08:48
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Union officials have hit out at Australia Post saying posties are “extremely upset” with their working conditions.

It comes after Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate was asked to stand down during an investigation of luxury watches gifted to senior executives.

Postal services union CEPU’s National Secretary Greg Rayner told Jim Wilson the revelations get “worse and worse”.

“But what’s disappointing for us, while the investigation is highlighting the financial anomalies, [there] doesn’t seem to be any scrutiny of the service performance anomalies that are affecting all of us in the community.

“I think it hasn’t gone fair enough.”

He said workers were “extremely upset” because they were working harder than ever before, under a new delivery model.

“They are out there struggling through it day in, day out, and then they turn around and see their bosses rewarded with all this stuff.”