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Covid-19: Social media outcry for postmen supposedly not given bonuses, Pos Malaysia promises better rewards once situation improves

20 May 2020, 12:06 ... -m/1867663

PETALING JAYA, May 19 — The incident of a Malaysian postman who broke down after revealing that his bonus for the year will not be given has caused a stir on social media.

This came after a string of tweets by user, Aisyah Humairah who said that the postman received a call from his friend - also a postman - saying that they would not be receiving their bonuses for the year.

Distressed and heartbroken, the postman said that he is expected to pay for his family’s expenses since his father had passed away three years ago.

“Although we have been working hard during the past few days especially since the conditional movement control order, we will not be receiving our extras,” said the postman.

As such, many social media users criticised Pos Malaysia for not looking into the welfare of their postmen while others said that it was unfair that they had to work so hard especially with the increase of online shopping during the movement control order period.

Some even took it up a notch by creating a petition titled ‘Pos Malaysia must give bonus or duit raya to our mailmen’ that has already garnered 19,000 signatures since two days ago.

Description on the petition read, “Let’s support our other frontliners - the mailmen, ‘abang pos’ and all the post workers behind the scenes and push Pos Malaysia to appreciate their hard work amid these trying times by giving them some bonus or duit raya at least.

“They have been working very hard to deliver mails and packages especially with the increase of online shopping during the movement control order which is hard for them since it’s the Ramadan month.”

Malay Mail also contacted a Pos Malaysia’s spokesperson to verify whether bonuses of these postmen would be suspended for the year or not.

“Despite an increase in Pos Malaysia’s other businesses such as its international parcels, Pos Aviation and Pos Logistics, the company continues to protect the livelihood of over 15,000 frontliners and operational support employees to ensure their needs are prioritised.

“Pos Malaysia is currently undergoing a transformation process to turn the business around and as our transformation plan progresses and the situation improves, we will ensure better rewards for our people,” said the spokesperson.

The courier company also said that it was ensuring that employees’ welfare were protected without resorting to salary reductions, job cuts or other drastic measures.

“At the same time, while our business is adjusting to the new normal, we will continue to carry out our responsibilities and serve the country as an essential service provider during these challenging times.”

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