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Deutsche Post bosses accused of manipulating employee satisfaction survey

07 Jan 2020, 07:29 ... a-51906690

Bosses at the German postal service reportedly improved results by filling out surveys for workers out on extended sick leave. The company confirmed that there were "irregularities" and that "managers were involved."

Several managers at Deutsche Post DHL sought to manipulate the company's annual employee feedback survey by filling out their workers' questionnaires without telling them, according to a report on Monday.

According to information first obtained by Business Insider, nearly 1,000 employee surveys were manipulated by branch managers across Germany last year.

In Bremen and the state of Hesse, bosses filled out feedback surveys that were supposed to be for employees who were out on extended sick leave.

A spokesperson for Deutsche Post DHL confirmed that there were "irregularities" in the 2019 employee satisfaction survey, but did not comment on the details of the Business Insider report.

"The fact is that managers were involved," the spokesperson told news agency DPA.

The spokesperson emphasized, however, that the results of the 2019 survey were still valid since the manipulated responses amounted to a small fraction — and the affected surveys were removed before the answers were evaluated.

According to Business Insider, several managers involved were already suspended in December, and may lose their jobs.

Like many large corporations, Deutsche Post DHL sends out an annual questionnaire to its employees to gauge satisfaction and areas of improvement. The company says participation is voluntary.

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