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Customer's horror after Yodel driver delivers her parcel into the toilet

20 Nov 2019, 09:28 ... r-20909662

Rebeka Alam, from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, claims the Bluetooth speaker inside the package was left completely destroyed after it was dropped though her toilet window by the hapless Yodel driver

A Yodel customer was shocked to discover that a delivery driver had dropped her parcel in a toilet - leaving it completely soaked.

Rebeka Alam had ordered a new Bluetooth speaker last month and was surprised to see it had been delivered while she was at work.

As she returned home, the 21-year-old was handed a note-card by her mum's partner, which stated the package had been dropped through 'the open window [at the] side of the house'.

Knowing the window was for her bathroom, Rebeka prayed the toilet seat had been down, but her worst fears were realised as she discovered her Bluetooth speaker ruined by toilet water.

To Rebeka's horror, after filing a complaint she claims Yodel washed their hands of the problem and told her to contact the seller of the item instead.

Rebeka, from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, said: "I've seen stories, I've heard stories, but never as bad as it landing in the toilet. It could only happen to me.

"I got an email from Yodel saying that they'd successfully delivered my parcel so I thought maybe my mum was home.

"The card said 'through the open window at the side of the house'. I automatically knew where that was going to be.

"When we go out we don't tend to keep any windows open, other than a tiny toilet window at the side of the house. [The bathroom] doesn't have a fan so we keep the window ajar."

When Rebeka returned home that evening, her mum's partner had already fished the parcel out of the loo - but not before taking a quick snap of the rogue floater.

After she had given it time to dry off, she nervously opened the packaging and found water had gone 'all over' her speaker.

Rebeka said: "He went straight to the toilet to check if it had missed the loo or if the lid was down, and unfortunately it wasn't. Therefore the parcel landed directly in the toilet.

"Not on the side, not on the cabinets - straight in the toilet.

"It was a Bluetooth speaker that was in a box with plastic wrap around it, but it was facing down and an electrical item, so we had to leave it to dry. I didn't want to touch it straight away.

"I waited a few hours then I opened it. The box was soaking wet and the speaker was wet, so I was a bit nervous about turning it on.

"There was water all over the speaker. The value wasn't excessive, but that's not the point. It's the principle.

"The speaker [didn't work properly when I first tried it] but to be honest I've not tried it since because I didn't want to risk it, with it being electrical."

Rebeka called Yodel to complain and claims she was on the phone for half an hour, before being told she had been given the wrong information.

She claims the adviser on the phone told her to contact the seller - not Yodel.

Rebeka said: "My first reaction was to call Yodel. I was on hold for a while and got through to a lady.

"[After] half an hour on the call, she said 'can I put you on hold', then she told me to scrap everything she said and that she'd given me the wrong information.

"She said I had to go back to seller, let them know the item is damaged and then they'd have to raise a complaint.

"From a seller's perspective I really hope they did, because they could have lost money.

"I emailed [the seller], sent them the photos and they said they'd give me a refund.

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