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DPD inks five-year multimillion-pound contract with ASOS

01 Oct 2019, 14:19

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Parcel delivery market leader DPD has signed a five-year, multimillion-pound contract with the online fashion retailer ASOS that will see DPD supply delivery services to ASOS customers across the UK until at least September 2024.

DPD has worked alongside ASOS for over 10 years in a partnership that has not only resulted in millions of successful deliveries, but also driven genuine innovation. Many of DPD’s market-leading services, such as Follow My Parcel, Precise and its unique, real-time, in-flight delivery options, were informed by and often trialled first with ASOS.

The new contract includes a provision for at least 50% of deliveries within the London Ultra Low Emission Zone to be served by electric vehicles only. DPD opened the UK’s first all-electric parcel depot in Westminster last October and is investing in a network of all-electric micro depots across the capital. DPD expects to have almost 600 electric vehicles on the road by 2021.

DPD’s CEO Dwain McDonald commented, “I am delighted to partner ASOS for another five years. We have a special relationship and over the years we’ve worked together in a very close partnership that has helped us develop a series of delivery innovations. This is a very fast-moving sector and we work with the best in the business, which in turn helps us improve and innovate to meet their demands.

“Some of our most popular services were developed in conjunction with ASOS, so it is a relationship based on great service, genuine innovation and a shared passion for ‘the next new thing’. ASOS customers will continue to benefit from the best in-flight parcel communication in the industry, with night-before notifications, one-hour delivery slots and complete control over their final delivery with our in-flight options and the YourDPD app.

“The next five years will see the delivery landscape transformed again with greener, more sustainable deliveries, more geolocation innovation, and of course Brexit. We’re ahead of the game on all three fronts, but the investment in our all-electric fleet and depot network is key for us. We expect to have the largest EV fleet in the industry and plan to double the number of electric vehicles year on year.

“Being able to provide customers like ASOS with smarter, cleaner and more sustainable parcel deliveries is a top priority for us.”

DPD inks five-year multimillion-pound contract with ASOS

01 Oct 2019, 17:58

Im guessing we are going to see more ASOS parcels chucked on doorsteps then

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