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Hermes launches "Road to Logistics" scheme

03 May 2019, 13:18 ... ics-scheme

Leading consumer delivery company Hermes UK has launched a new initiative to help address the UK driver shortage and enable unemployed workers to gain valuable skills and the possibility of full-time employment. It is designed to ensure the company has its own ‘talent pipeline’ and is prepared for any future legislation and possible Brexit impact.

The new “Road to Logistics” programme is funded through the company’s Apprenticeship Levy and will see Hermes recruit a number of LGV Apprentices who currently have no driving experience, supporting them to achieve their Cat C and Cat C&E Licence. The scheme is open to applicants of any age with the training taking 12 months. All successful participants will then be offered roles as employed Hub Drivers within Hermes’ hubs at Warrington and Rugby.

The bespoke scheme is supported by Seetec, Hermes’ training provider, and includes both theory and practical sessions.

Hermes launches "Road to Logistics" scheme

04 May 2019, 08:52

80% of the wage cost is paid by the government. The people from the role have to work for their role money for the first 8 weeks. HERMES is just abusing, as many other companies do a loophole in employment legislation which was ment to be changed but the 140,000 people on the work trial scheme don't appear on the unemployment figures. Neither do the 3.1 million people claiming ESA who have a limited capability for work. In other words the government should have them in the unemployment figures. The actual unemployment figures are about 5.5 million unemployed. :thumbdown

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