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ANNOUNCEMENT CWU : We have announced an industrial action ballot timetable in Royal Mail group - ballot papers will be dispatched on 24th September if no agreement is reached before then. HERE

Manx postal workers to stage further strike over conditions changes

31 Jan 2019, 15:53 ... n-47059438

Manx postal workers are to hold another strike over plans to change employment conditions, a union has said.

Union members held a two-day strike in December over the Isle of Man Post Office (IoMPO) plans which include reducing new starters' pensions.

The Communication Worker's Union (CWU) said more than 200 workers would take action between 14 and 16 February.

IoMPO chairwoman Julie Edge said she was "extremely disappointed" the union had rejected a "revised proposal".

The post office made a loss for the first time in its history over the 2017-2018 financial year.

Mail volumes have halved in the past 10 years, while the use of postal services is falling at an average of 7% a year, a IoMPO spokesman has said.

Mrs Edge said she had "hoped our latest revised proposal sent earlier this week would have allowed progress to be made to resolve the current dispute".

"Unfortunately, we have not had a response from the CWU, other than notice that its members are to stage a three-day walk-out," she added.

CWU deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said he "genuinely" hoped the public would "understand that our action is a legitimate protest to the ridiculous nature of these negotiations".

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