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Video : Yodel driver caught on CCTV STEALING trainers

11 Sep 2018, 15:43 ... ery-theft/

A MAN was furious when a delivery driver forged his signature with an incorrect name and kept his parcel for himself.

Ron Rasburn, of Leslie Gardens, Rayleigh was expecting his Ted Baker delivery to be at his doorstep when he returned home, however, the delivery driver, a contractor of Yodel delivery is believed to have taken the parcel for himself.

CCTV footage showed the moment the driver paced towards his front door, turned back and placed the delivery into their passenger side door.

Mr Rasburn said: "I don't really understand how he thinks he could get away with this.

"He walked up to my front door, signed in the name "Stranger", which is completely wrong, and then turned back and took it.

"It's not about the parcel not being delivered and it could be something completely innocent and a complete misunderstanding, but it feels like he's just taken it."

The delivery, which was meant for Mr Rasburn's wife, Nikki, was tracked all the way to their home in Leslie Gardens on the Yodel app, where it did say it had been delivered.

The delivery contained a pair of shoes and some new clothes for Mrs Rasburn.

Yodel has since said that they are working with Mr and Mrs Rasburn to find out what happened to the lost delivery.

The company also extended its apologies to the couple, as it appeared that the parcel had in fact been stolen by

A spokesman for Yodel, said: “We apologise for this incident and we are liaising with the retailer to replace the missing order.

"Our service delivery manager has met with the customer and explained the action that we have taken with the individual concerned.

"This behaviour clearly does not meet the majority of our colleagues’ high standards and we are arranging for a gift to be sent to apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

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