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Yodel driver hits customer's car while trying to park... then turns around and pulls up like nothing happened (unaware he's been caught on CCTV)

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CCTV footage shows Yodel delivery driver smash into customer's parked car
Employee drove away after incident and did not report to car owner
Yodel sent flowers as an apology after damage to customer's car cost £820

This is the moment a Yodel delivery driver damages a customer's parked car by scraping his van against it and failing to report it.

The employee was caught on CCTV and shows the white van pulling up beside the parked car and scraping against it it's side causing it to scratch and take the cover off the car's wheel.

The video then shows the panicked employee turning the vehicle around and driving back to park his vehicle further down the road on the opposite side, seemingly to avoid being caught.

He then rushes up the driveway of the home to deliver the package of flowers and leaves in a haste without informing the customer that he'd damaged the car.

The Lancaster resident explained that she was very annoyed as it was the first day of her holidays and was supposed to be visiting her daughter on the day but couldn't because she had to 'sort out the damage which is estimated to cost her £820 to repair.

The shocking footage shows the delivery driver pull up beside the customer's parked car and scrape the side in the process

The panicked employee rushes from the driveway after delivering the package without informing the customer

The Yodel employee then drives further up the road and parks on the opposite side to avoid being caught and then delivers the package

The damage to the side of the parked car and right, the scraped wheel cover. The delivery driver was seen on CCTV

Yodel sent the customer flowers,which are estimated to cost between £35 to £50, by way of an apology for the damage

The incident happened on the 24th of February as the customer, who wished to be anonymous, had made an order of flowers to be delivered on Valentine's day.

The original order was sent to the wrong address and the customer didn't receive them until almost two weeks later.

She contacted the company to complain and to explain that she'd caught their employee's mishap on CCTV.

The incident was reported to police and pictures of the damage were taken after the incident happened.

She was told that the employee had been removed from the company and Yodel sent her flowers as an apology for the damage caused by the delivery man.

Speaking to Mail Online the customer said that the whole thing was ridiculous and that 'a big company like Yodel should treat their customers a lot better'.

'I work damn hard for the money I get. I'm an ordinary housewife earning minimum wage in my job and for this to happen is really unfair', she said.

The company is one of the UK's largest courier services and markets itself as being simple and easy with 'an amazing team of drivers to make the millions of deliveries every week'.

Mail Online has contacted Yodel for comment.

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