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Three semi-trucks used to haul mail destroyed in fire at U.S. Postal Service complex

09 Mar 2018, 13:18 ... 86179.html

Three semi-trucks that haul mail were destroyed after the trailers they were hauling caught fire outside a U.S. Postal Service location in southern Manatee County on Wednesday.

All three trailers were empty at the time of the fire, so no mail is reported to have been destroyed.

Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue was called out to the U.S.P.S. Manasota Processing Center at 850 Tallevast Road, near Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, where three semi-trucks were engulfed in flames.

All three semi-trucks, but not the trailers, were a complete loss, according to Southern Manatee Fire Marshal Eric Center.

At least 17 firefighters responded to the blaze, including a crew from Southern Manatee Fire Rescue. A total of four fire engines, a ladder truck and one ambulance responded.

There were no injuries reported.

“The county Hazmat team responded after because there was significant fuel and oil spilled,” Center said.

Center investigated the cause of the fire but it was left undetermined. The fire was not the result of arson, he added, and could have been caused by something in the engines of one of the trucks since the fire occurred just shortly after being parked.

The postal inspector also responded to the scene. Any further investigation into the cause would be handled by the private truck owners’ insurance companies.

Melanie Marken, a member of the Southern Manatee Fire District Board of Commissioners, tweeted that trucks were on fire at the complex.

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