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Never knowingly under-THROWN! John Lewis customer is left furious after Yodel delivery driver hurls his parcel in the air to try land it on his first floor balcony

05 Dec 2017, 16:56 ... arcel.html

Grant Baxter angered to find his delivery thrown around by Yodel driver
The 39-year-old from Milton Keynes caught the dodgy delivery on CCTV
He says the parcel could have been fragile medical goods for his disabled son

A John Lewis customer has been left furious after his parcel was repeatedly tossed in the air by a Yodel delivery driver before being thrown onto his first floor balcony.

Grant Baxter wasn't in when the delivery company dropped off his parcel but returned to his home in Milton Keynes to find it on the balcony above his front door.

Surprised as to how it got there, the 39-year-old checked his CCTV footage and was shocked to see the delivery driver repeatedly throw the parcel up in an attempt to land it on the balcony.

Grant Baxter returned home to find his John Lewis delivery on the first floor balcony above his front door

The driver can be seen dropping the delivery on the ground once and tossing it up twice more and catching it before eventually landing it on the other side of the balcony railings.

Mr Baxter was outraged as the parcel was a gift for his mother-in-law's birthday.

He also pointed out that it could have been a more fragile medical delivery for his son, who is severely disabled.

When Mr Baxter complained to Yodel, they informed him that the parcel had been delivered to a neighbour further down his road. However, he said the CCTV indicates that this is 'obviously not the case'.

Yodel was not available for comment when contacted by MailOnline.

Mr Baxter has also shared the footage on Facebook with the title 'Share please yodel delivering at its best # epic fail!!!'

This is not the first time disgruntled customers have taken to the internet to complain of postal services' delivery fails.

A John Lewis spokesman said: 'Clearly this is unacceptable. We have apologised to Mrs Baxter and have sent her a replacement package.

'We are also discussing this matter with Yodel who aren't a regular delivery company for John Lewis.'

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