Mum Left In Hysterics Over Deliver Driver's Hiding Place For Her Parcel

07 Oct 2017, 14:17

When the postman says he's put something in a safe place, you might well trust them.

After all, getting your packages to you safe and sound is pretty much their entire job. For one Stevenage postie, however, the definition of safe has taken a little bit of a hammering.

At least, that's what Lucy Cowell thinks. She returned home to find her order from Marks & Spencer placed in the safest of safe places - directly under her doormat, complete with a friendly note telling her where she could find it.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw the photo of my doormat on top of the package," said Lucy on receipt of her package.


The Yodel delivery person, fulfilling an order from Marks and Sparks, had placed the package in the safest place that he could find to protect it from the rain.

As the doormat flopped over the sides of the package, it probably did keep the rain off, so maybe we shouldn't complain too hard.

"My husband, Richard, 57, had seen the peculiar item outside our house when he came home from work. I have experienced bad deliveries in the past but nothing like this.

"I don't understand why the doormat was on top of the box," said the mum.

"My friend had sent me a bouquet of flowers to apologise for spilling wine over my walls at a house party. We've had a few laughs over it since and I'm only sharing it now to make a few more people smile."

"On the note posted through my letterbox it stated that the parcel was under my mat," said Lucy. It certainly was under the mat, no doubt about that. "It was so funny and even looking back at the photo now makes laugh."

Yodel, the delivery service, were forthright in their defence of their employee.

"We were asked to leave the bouquet in a safe location if nobody was home and our driver left the mat on top to protect the box in case it rained.

"We didn't have any contact from Lucy about the delivery and hope that she enjoyed her flowers," they said in a statement.

"Our driver understands that the parcel could have been better camouflaged, for which we apologise, and now leaves Lucy's deliveries in a more discrete location."

Mum Left In Hysterics Over Deliver Driver's Hiding Place For Her Parcel

07 Oct 2017, 14:49

It is personally one of my pet hates when an article uses the word 'postie' when describing a courier.

It's a courier. Delivers parcels (*)

Not a postie. Delivers post.

Am I being pedantic? It just gets me every time.

(* obviously 'delivers' meaning 'dumps' in this situation. That parcel wasn't delivered, it was dumped.)

Mum Left In Hysterics Over Deliver Driver's Hiding Place For Her Parcel

11 Oct 2017, 17:19

No your not being pedantic, as a former postie (took ihr earlier this year) I am now a courier my official title on my self employment paper works states " courier & deliverer of parcels" it does not say dumper of parcels. yodel and hermes pda's both have a safe place option for when it doesn't need a signature, if you choose safe place then the options are letterbox, shed, greenhouse, porch, garage, outbuilding, it doesn't have an option for overgate overfence doorstep or catflap but its upto the courier. you only get paid when you have "delivered the item" . Be honest how many posties would do the same if they didn't get paid if they took it back to the DO. every parcel we deliver is scanned on the doorstep, something coming your way in near future I belive .

Mum Left In Hysterics Over Deliver Driver's Hiding Place For Her Parcel

11 Oct 2017, 17:30

Do you believe that's our fate? As a courier for another company do you believe we're on to a hopeless cause striking to try to maintain our better employment conditions? Do you think if we won then maybe it could lead to your conditions being improved? Far fetched maybe but genuine questions.

PS. I don't know about every parcel, because sometimes it's just a jiffy bag with stamps on, but I reckon we have to scan almost every parcel on the doorstep now.

Mum Left In Hysterics Over Deliver Driver's Hiding Place For Her Parcel

12 Oct 2017, 11:03

i reckon your fate is in the hands of the majority shareholders and the hedgefund investors, if they deceid to sell up and move on where is the money coming from for investment for the future. I earn the same now as I did at RM (per hour) but I don't have holiday pay sick pay etc, but I do have a lot of freedom regarding working times, holidays. Hermes basically don't give a s**t about their couriers, but at the end of the day its cheaper to post with them than RM and that's the stumbling block you chaps face, how to cut costs so as to keep prices down. Last Saturday I saw a former buddy and colleague heading back to the DO 15 mins away, it was 11.30 theyd finished their round and lapsing and were still finishing 2hours early. don't get me wrong I would've done the same back in the day, but really from a business point of view its throwing money away.
Good luck if you have to go on strike, but remember RM don't have the monopoly they used to have. The sharks are circling !

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