Swiss Post offering 'cash inpayment at home'

13 Sep 2017, 15:26 ... t-at-home/

Swiss Post is now offering a new “cash inpayment at home” service.

The new service, which became operational on 1 September, means that customers can now make cash inpayments to Swiss Post personnel making their delivery rounds.

The service is available in towns where Swiss Post has “postal agency” branches run with partners – and it effectively plugs a gap, because postal agencies cannot offer cash payment transactions due to security requirements and the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

In a statement posted on Friday (8 September), Swiss Post said: “This is how cash inpayment at home works: customers place a sign on their letter box to let delivery personnel know that they would like to use the service. This requires one-off registration via Swiss Post Customer Service or in a branch. The delivery personnel will then ring at your door during their rounds, accept the payment slips and cash, and acknowledge receipt. On the next or following day, the delivery personnel will bring back the stamped receipts and return any money due to the customers. The total inpayment amount is limited to CHF 10,000.”

Swiss Post added that it is expanding its services in other ways, and it will now deliver daily subscription newspapers in communities without early morning delivery by midday. This new service also started on 1 September.

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