New Parcel2Go service launched for shipping to UK: DPD Import

09 May 2017, 15:19 ... mport.html

Parcel2Go, a delivery comparison website, revealed a new service designed to make shipping to the UK from Europe cheaper. Called DPD Import, it allows users to drop off a parcel at one of 25,000 DPD locations in Europe and have it delivered to the UK at what they claim to be the lowest price in the current market. DPD Import prices start from £12.61 exc VAT.

The service is designed to benefit a wide range of customers based in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany shipping to the UK. Online sellers can use it to help build good relationships with their overseas customers by offering an easy returns option, without having to worry about any significant impact to their overheads. It will also be useful for Brits living in Europe.

Parcel2Go MD Adam Harris says: “Over the past few decades, we’ve seen international delivery go from strength to strength. And while sending from the UK to Europe and beyond is a need met by dozens of different providers, we found that cheap import services were scarce. The DPD Import service is our way of meeting that demand. Not only is it by far the cheapest import service in the consumer market, but it’s exclusive to Parcel2Go — you won’t find DPD Import anywhere else.”

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