Trinidad and Tobago - Postal workers stage protest

12 Apr 2017, 15:06,242228.html

IN THE coming weeks, there could be delays in the delivery of mail, after postal workers promised yesterday to continue protesting if TTPost does not meet with their union to discuss health and safety issues as well as poor governance of the corporation.

Yesterday, over 100 workers lined the pavement in the front of TT Post’s head quarters in Piarco, waving placards and demanding workers get proper governance. David Forbes, General Secretary of the Postal Workers Union said workers are dissatisfied with the overall governance of the corporation and alleged bad Industrial Relations practices.

“The governance of TTPost is poor. We have seen a number of top level managers since 2014 departing the organisation and up to this day, they cannot seem to get it right.

We are very much dissatisfied with the situation. Therefore, we call on Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds to address this situation,” Forbes said.

“Just imagine, up to yesterday (Monday), a manager was calling around offices and saying to workers they should not be out here this morning to exercise their right under the Constitution. We are saying that it is a bad practice. We are also saying workers have not been afforded the necessary tools to do the job efficiently.” Forbes said the union wrote Hinds on February 21, who gave an indication that the issues addressed would be dealt with immediately.

“We talk about productivity and how does one be productive? You have to be happy when you come to work on a daily basis. You have to be given the tools to do the job. Motor scooter riders have to be working day in day out and doubling up on motor scooters in the southern areas of this country,” Forbes said.

“We have a number of workers going into high crime areas to work without proper uniforms. They are wearing civilian clothing and here it is the management has an obligation to provide uniforms and safe working conditions for workers and yet we can’t see that up to now. This is a very serious issue regarding delivery of mail in high crime areas,” the union leader said. Also speaking yesterday, Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) leader Ancel Roget accused Minister Hinds of, “falling down on the job” in terms of meeting and treating with workers’ issues.

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