Postal workers plan strikes in Spain

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As part of a nation-wide mobilization post office workers have organized a series of strikes in Spain hoping it'll pressure the government to negotiate with them in the run-up to elections. More than 15000 workers have been laid off in the last five years and labor conditions have worsened significantly. On Wednesday, they protested outside the national post office. Daniela Sepulveda reports from Madrid

Workers of the national postal service protested outside Correos. Besides being a historic building it is the post office headquarters of the Spanish capital of Madrid. 15,500 workers have been laid off in the last five years including 500 in 2015. Those that have managed to keep their job find they have lost a lot of the labor rights they once had.

For the past 15 months civil servants have been trying to negotiate with their employers to improve their conditions but to no avail. They've organized a series of strikes that started on April 20th in an effort to disrupt the election campaign.

Workers fear cuts are taking place as part of a larger plan to privatize the post. Postal services are 100% state-owned for now but many public sectors like health and education have also had chunks of their services sold to private companies.

This Thursday the 9000 post workers of Madrid will go on strike followed up by a nation-wide general strike on the 22nd. By paralyzing the flow of mail they hope to put pressure on political parties in the run-up to elections on the 24th.

Postal workers plan strikes in Spain

08 Mar 2017, 17:20

Has the CWU sent a message of support to our Spanish brothers ? :thumbup

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