Australia Post worker confronted Victorian couple after complaint over attempted delivery

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Australia Post worker confronted Victorian couple after complaint over attempted delivery

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A Victorian couple claims they were confronted by their postman after lodging a complaint over an “attempted” delivery.

John* and his wife were at their Highton home when they saw the Australia Post delivery van pull up outside.

“My wife was waiting on a package which she paid to have next day delivered so she was extremely keen to get it,” John told

“(We) saw the man get out and I watched from our front window waiting for him to come to the door, (while) my wife was in our front lounge. I thought he was looking for the package but it turns out he was writing a note, he then dropped it in the letter box and drove off.”

The note was a missed delivery card - meaning, despite being home, the couple would now need to visit a post office to collect the delivery the following day.

So, they wrote a complaint.

Australia Post replied and confirmed it had sent the feedback on to the relevant delivery centre.

“The information will be used internally to address the matters with the staff in question,” John was told.

Days later, while working in the back room, the postman returned with another package, but this time, he had come to the door.

John claims the postman “agitatedly snapped at my wife” and pressed her for details about whether the couple were the ones to file a complaint.

The postman says he had rang the the doorbell twice, and then knocked, and no one answered.

While John disputes that version of events he says the issue is no longer the first delivery attempt, instead his actions that followed.

“His actions after it were appalling,” he added.

John says his wife had felt “quite intimidated” during the experience and had even felt pressured to apologise.

He has since lodged an additional complaint with Australia Post, has contacted the Postal Industry Ombudsman and has installed a video doorbell.

“Under no circumstances should we be confronted like that,” he said, “it was incredibly unprofessional”.

Australia Post responds

In a statement, an Australia Post spokesperson told that it was aware of the incident.

“We are aware of this and have reached out to the customer directly to apologise and discuss the incident,” the spokesperson said.

“We have clear processes and procedures for how situations like this should be handled, and while the postie was well-intentioned in wanting to explain the situation with the customer, this should not have been raised with the customer in this manner.”

*Name has been changed to protect the person’s identity
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