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Q3 results on 6 February.

03 Feb 2020, 20:44 ... er-dismiss
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Tuesday 28 January 2020 17:52

"Royal Mail continues to see its share price slide in 2020, with it down nearly 10% year-to-date, with the British postal service under pressure to deliver signs of meaningful change in its Q3 results on 6 February.

The British postal service is struggling in a world that no longer sends letters, with Royal Mail seeing a 5% decline in letter volumesin its first six months of trading this financial year.

With this valuable revenue stream drying up fast, the company’s share price continues to tumble, with time running out for Royal Mail CEO Rico Back to modernise the postal service.

Royal Mail closed at 203p a share on Tuesday.

Royal Mail looks to parcels to offset declining letter volumes
The path ahead for Royal Mail is to offset declining letter volumes by focusing on the growing its share of the parcel market, with sales up 5.6% in its first six months of trading.

The postal service is also well-positioned to capitalise on this burgeoning segment, with it boasting a strong distribution network, albeit one set up primarily for handling letters, thus requiring significant investment to expand and improve the efficiency of its parcel business.

Royal Mail also faces stiff competition in the parcel market, with rivals like Hermes relying on gig economy delivery drivers to grab e-commerce contracts at price points the postal service will struggle to compete with.

However, work has begun in Warrington where one of three major parcel delivery hubs is being built, with the aim of modernising its parcel delivery network.

The new parcel-orientated network, which will require around £1.8 billion worth of investment to complete, is expected to be up and running by 2024.

But five years is a long time for investors to wait for meaningful change to be delivered, with Royal Mail also having to constantly battle the Communication Workers Union, which continues to threaten strike action."

Q3 results on 6 February.

03 Feb 2020, 23:39

I think the business should have done well over Xmas even allowing for a possible drop in the number of Xmas cards.
The three hubs will be up and running way before 2024. Presuming they can make the strategy work.........

Q3 results on 6 February.

04 Feb 2020, 08:05

This ain't rocket science, sit down with the cwu let's getting everyone on the same page moving forward,
As Royal mail keeps saying we have the best terms and conditions out there,
And guess what none of us disagree.
We all no we need to change and are ready for the battle.
Its bloody Rico and the CEO its f***ing holding us back.

Q3 results on 6 February.

04 Feb 2020, 08:11

UK minimum wage has grown by four times rate of inflation

Come on royalmail get this sorted out as well 3% for 2020 and 3% 2021
Back up what yous preach best pay terms and conditions out there.

Were rdy for change

Cwu 100%

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