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05 Aug 2019, 14:56

I certainly don't have faith in the people that 'run' the country. If we crash out, we're heading for a recession with increased unemployment, inflation through the roof and it's not going to be pretty for your averaged joe. Can you afford higher interest rates on your mortgage, higher fuel bills, higher food bills, higher costs of going overseas on holiday? Have you seen the state of the country now, look around open your eyes, it's falling apart. The FTSE is tumbling ( that's our pensions btw) the £ is at two yr low. This is an indication of what the markets think to a no deal brexit. And it hasn't even happened. To those who say the economy is strong, I shake my head in disbelief. Those people need to open their eyes. Foreign labour prop this country up, do you really think joe benefit is gonna get off their ass on their outside couch on their 'estate' to pick fruit and work in the fields? No they're watching their big screen TV paid for by hard working people. Sorry to rant but if ego Borris gets his way it's gonna be grim. Especially up north.


12 Aug 2019, 10:47

Celgar wrote:A lot of people buy shares from various companies a little before the ex-dividend date then sell them immediately afterwards. I think they can even set automated instructions to do this online. This is usually results in drops in the share after the ex-dividend date has past..

All other things being equal, the share price of any company will drop by the value of the dividend, on the ex-dividend date. Buyers will not be willing pay the same price quoted the day before, when it included entitlement to the dividend.

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