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Rico Back, Royal Mail CEO purchases 'ANOTHER' 150,000 shares on June 4 at 1.98 = GBP297,516

10 Jun 2019, 06:45

UnionJackJay wrote:We say responsible job but standards have dropped since 2 decades when I was on delivery. There's probably more wilful delay of mail and some real bad habits that probably when I started in Royal Mail, would end up either a 2 year reprimand or even the sack.
What really gets me, people moan about what they don't have and are always thinking the grass is greener. I know that people have left and they actually miss it and are literally begging to come back.
The job can not be that bad? I know guys who gone to work for Bombardia after taking EVR, They wished they never left. I know guys who gone to Toyota and wished they never left. Our jobs can't be that bad? If it was, why have we got staff who have over 10 years service? One bloke in our office managed 50 years service.
Yes, I admit that delivery is probably a physical and can be mentally stressing but my point is, if this company falls under because of poor management and the union demands then this company will not be able sustain and then we are left why open to ne taken over which will mean our pensions, wages and jobs will be even more at risk because I doubt any other company will actually sit there and promise us that we will get a pay rise everytime the minimum wage rises.
I say to people instead of moaning about how Royal Mail reward staff for the work you do, the simple thing is to leave, that's all I'm saying. We can say that there are millions who are on a better money than us but I sure that there is a 2 million or more on far less, who have zero hour contracts, no sick pay and minimal holiday pay. Like I have said, if there is a company out there in the midlands that has better pay, benefits, pension and is nearby then I'll jump to the chance.
We think that our managers are bad, I've heard worse stories out there and they haven't got trade unions to back them. Some people have to work shifts to get the same as our basic wage. Our LGV/MGV drivers don't do bad either and even they moan...but what you forget, moaning and comparing will not change anything but one thing I do know is one day we may lose it all together and lets face the truth here, once it's gone, it's gone...
We, the staff, have made delivery harder. We took it on ourselves, over the years, to come in early to prep, not take our meal reliefs, take overweight bags and rush round to make time but now it has come point where more and more staff have to break all rules to get finished on time but there are still staff out there who are more than willing to still kill their jobs...


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