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Royal Mail Boss Comes Back For More Shares

14 Dec 2018, 11:25

Phantom wrote:
aiden01 wrote:Hope they reach £6 again wont be too many complaining then.

It's what he's got planned to get them back to £6 that needs to be of concern!

Cuts on the way - EVR's - Sackings for the slightest thing - Closures and mergers more asset stripping

Get ready for the new fight!

You are right !
The share price will increase and Rico is in the perfect position to influence that price.
Ultimately the current staff will suffer most with draconian cost cutting to appease that share price for the benefit of the greedy sorts out there- ground feeders! Our free shares have been utilised to fill the coffers of many, they have been manipulated to who’s advantage ? How many staff have really benefited at a good price when it came to selling ?

Royal Mail Boss Comes Back For More Shares

14 Dec 2018, 16:21

More likely he know's Deutche Post is gonna put in a takeover bid.

Royal Mail Boss Comes Back For More Shares

15 Dec 2018, 13:35

If people really believe Back has bought because he knows changes / takeover bids / cost-cutting or whatever are going to make the share price rocket, then buy some yourself, even if only via the partnership and matching scheme!
More likely explanation is that his buying shares that pay 24p per annum in dividends, at a buying price around 300p, equates to 8% tax-free income... and potential for the shares to grow in value as well

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