Help with shares please

06 Mar 2017, 18:34

I am part time postie working 15 hrs per week.
I logged in to royalmailemployeeshares site after a RM letter saying my shares now have a SIP free indictive value of £1615.15p and it says I have 117 shares locked in and 236 conditional but none available.
What happened to the shares we got in 2007/2008?
Mick - totally confused

Help with shares please

06 Mar 2017, 19:07

The colleagueshares we got in 2007/8 were not real shares and Moya cancelled them when she took over.

If you still have the certificate it might be worth some nostalgia value in a few decades.

Help with shares please

06 Mar 2017, 19:51

Thanks for the info.
There for the bin and just hoping I live long enough to get the others when the 5 years is up

Cheers Mick

Help with shares please

06 Mar 2017, 23:14

Stupid q maybe but can you withdraw part of your save as you earn money and leave rest in ?

Help with shares please

07 Mar 2017, 13:43

ranger1 wrote:I've got a consign badge...

Is it worth anything...

2 on ebay at the moment - £99 :left: :left: £40 :chuckle :chuckle ... 119&crdt=0

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