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Exrtra Pension Payment?

30 Apr 2019, 10:25

Has anyone else received an extra pension payment this month?

Both my wife and I received a RM payment on the 29th April as well as our actual pension today. The additional payments were in excess of our usual pension payment.

We have had no letter / information from Capita relating to this. In fact we have only received 2 "pay slips" since we took our pensions 5 and 3 months ago respectively. Quite why you can't access the information on line I am not sure.

We both had real problems obtaining our pensions and had to go via the CEO route which worked instantly after months of hassle. We both left RM a while ago but had 20 and 23 years service.

Considered ringing Capita but thought I would ask here first as they are hardly reliable at the moment.

Update - Phoned Capita and in fairness there were very helpful. Extra payments due to underpayment on original lump sums.

Exrtra Pension Payment?

01 May 2019, 09:13


The same thing happened to me this month. I received a payment equal to the previous months payment on the 29th, and then another slightly increased payment on the 30th. (I am guessing that the increase is the annual pension increase). Like you, I only started receiving my pension from Capita in January having left service back in 2002.

I did phone Capita up and managed to speak to someone. The man on the phone stated that they had received a few calls about this with others having the same issue, and that the extra payment was planned and agreed and nothing to worry about and that we should still receive our normal monthly pension payment at the end of May.

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