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Want to invest in with your lump sum?

12 Mar 2019, 12:54

I know we are all different but just wondered what sort of things people were considering investing their lump sum in.

Im looking at something like 60% in Vanguard 60 which is a mix of worldwide stocks and shares and bonds. Possibly an Innovate isa such as funding circle or Zoopla, a bit in Emerging markets and the rest in the bank.

Any thoughts ??

Want to invest in with your lump sum?

12 Mar 2019, 14:43

You're right, we're all different. A lot depends on your attitude to risk, a friend of mine has £190k in a managed fund and last year it made him 0:85%. He's fuming but he admits he hasn't a clue and he's scared to death of it losing value.

I recommend you follow some funds, and/or individual shares and see how they 'move'. Are you comfy with stodgy funds, or excited by roller coaster funds? On a 1 (dull), to 10 (racy), scale I'm a 7 or 8. You may know your level already.

Don't forget, up to age 75 and if you're a none tax payer, you can pay £2880 nett £3600 gross into a SIPP per year, so you've got yourself £720 of tax relief or 20% without breaking sweat. Recycling rules to be observed of course....

Want to invest in with your lump sum?

12 Mar 2019, 18:59

If it's a lump sum taken from your pension pot when it matured I'd suggest you seek some professional financial advice. A Cash ISA is probably safest for a good chunk though interest rates aren't that great right now. Commsave are currently paying 2.25% on their Blue Acorn Cash Isa ( though I am unsure if this account is open to new members ?

Time things right and a pocket-full of gold Sovereigns are unlikely to loose their value ! ! !

I think consolidation rather than investment may be the way to go... especially in these uncertain times ?

Want to invest in with your lump sum?

13 Mar 2019, 17:20

Class A's and firearms are a risky bet , but get it right and the rewards can be huge :dance

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