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Capita - well done

09 Mar 2019, 16:54

Credit where it's due. I contacted Capita, (see Capita doubts setting in post), at Xmas fearing the worst even though my 55th B'day wasn't until May. They informed that mid March would be when they'd be on my case.

Well, I arrive home today and my Retirement Benefits package is behind the door!

Fair do's Capita, well done.

Capita - well done

10 Mar 2019, 10:12

:Applause :Applause great news for you .... and hopefully for us all in future dealings with Capita. Really hope that this is a sign of them getting to grips with the admin of our pension scheme.

Here's a link to a current thread that's been going a few months ... 27&t=87858 and you'll see that many of us who trod the Capita path over the last few months had significant problems with getting quotes and our pensions, many of which were paid months late. I did get my pension paid after much chasing :Very Happy .... but all the promised paperwork which had "been posted today" and "sent by special delivery" never and still hasn't turned up :sad: :shock: and follow up stuff like payslips haven't materialised :d'oh! You'll see on the more recent pages of the thread people are still having problems, though promisingly more are now getting resolved.

If Capita really have got on top of things then great news :Very Happy and good luck with following through your benefits package quote to successful payment. If you should encounter problems then you'll find lots of useful info and contacts in the recent posts on the above thread ...... sincerely hope you don't need them ! :thumbup

Capita - well done

10 Mar 2019, 17:35

Cheers N60, obviously I've a bit to go yet, I.e. the documents being processed and payments being made but as I said, fair do's.

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