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03 Mar 2019, 08:07

I moved over to the new pension when it came in,but there is arrears of ex DC payment on my payslip every week what's this?, also is there any way we can see what's building up in the new plan like the Dc where you could see what's there.. Thanks

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03 Mar 2019, 08:41

We won't officially find out how much our DBCBS pot is worth until they issue us with statements, which is usually around September. But there's a total of 19.6% of pensionable pay going in each week and we pay 6%. So if you can work out what RM's 13.6% is in money terms and multiply the total 19.6% by the number of weeks you've been paying in,then you won't be too far off.

The DBCBS started for RMPP members on week 1 of the current tax year(payment date 6/4/18), but some ex DC members might have been later depending on when they opted in?

More info on the DBCBS foe ex-DC members can be found here.

Sorry I don't know what the 'arrears of ex DC payment' is.
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03 Mar 2019, 15:15

I think it is based on the previous week’s overtime.

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