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ANNOUNCEMENT CWU : We have announced an industrial action ballot timetable in Royal Mail group - ballot papers will be dispatched on 24th September if no agreement is reached before then. HERE

Capita - prompt help

08 Feb 2019, 17:41

Dear everyone,
I don't have time to write up the issue today and I will try to over the weekend.
But first can I thank who put on here the contact details for capita and the cabinet office.
I used all of them.
1) The CEO at Capita had his direct report Mr Kirwan resolve an issue my family had.
He was exceptionally helpful and spent time finding out what the problem was and fixing it, resulting within a very short time period in my widowed aunt receiving the lump sum (in lieu of a tiny pension, that she was due to be paid in Oct 18)
2) I also e mailed the Cabinet office, but apart from an acknowledgement, never heard from them again. I do not know if they contacted capita.
3) I e mailed the CWU and never even had an acknowledgement.
It may be that the CWU did not reply to me as the issue was for my aunt and her deceased husband (ex cwu member) and that I copied them in rather than asked for a direct reply.
I know some members are having issues with Captia and they take over many more Royal Mail pension accounts in March.
The Cwu need to be on top of this.
In the end the issue was resolved.
Contact details I recomend:
Ceo Capita:
Direct report to CEO capita/trouble shooter
Cabinet office details to follow

Capita - prompt help

09 Feb 2019, 02:04

Good to hear that your aunt's problem was resolved. And well done to you for helping her.
I hope Capita won't be taking over the administration of my pension.

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