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Capita-utter farce-wrong details

02 Oct 2018, 13:41

Have been expecting my pension benefits estimate letter to arrive. Previous correspondence by email to the pension centre on the 24th September stated that it had been issued and would be with me in a couple of days. It still hasn't arrived so phoned the new number now under administration by capita to be told the details I gave don't match. When queried the advisor told me the address given didn't correspond with the one they had on file, a Twickenham one apparently. Told them I've never lived there and said all previous correspondence had come to me here at the address I've always lived at since being a member. She put me on hold and came back after a bit of digging to say she had found my previous correspondence with my correct address. She then went on to say that the letter was sent out to the wrong address and would escalate to a manager to reissue it. She also let slip that during the changeover that files have come over with the incorrect corresponding be aware when contacting them you might be on the phone quite a while trying to explain yourself. This is also a probable GDPR (data) breach which I'm now worried about. So be warned with contacting them.

Capita-utter farce-wrong details

02 Oct 2018, 14:13

Don't put all the blame on Capita!

There's been two occasions that I know of, that the pension service centre in Sheffield(previously in Chesterfield) have sent financial documents of mine to another address that I have no link to whatsoever.

In my experience they are very poorly trained, don't know the basics of the RM pension let alone the pension industry in general, and considering their handling peoples financial details, are very lackadaisical.

Capita-utter farce-wrong details

02 Oct 2018, 15:27

Bit concerning to say the least, probably delayed it all now. Let's hope they've not ballsed the figures up as well.

Capita-utter farce-wrong details

09 Oct 2018, 18:15

All of us wait with Baited breath for the end of the month when our pensions are paid in, I know exactly how much I am due after tax.

Capita-utter farce-wrong details

17 Oct 2018, 13:08

Just been onto them again regarding my issue. Had a very candid chat with the advisor who said it had been a chaotic and frustrating 3 weeks since the changeover. Much of the data files and documents are still yet to transferred over to Darlington. Darlington are requesting stuff from Sheffield but there is a huge backlog in stuff being sent over. People whose pension due date has come and gone and are expecting their first payment at the end of this month are unlikely to receive it.

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